You're Goals Are Too High

I set a goal to take the boys to school twice a week during the school year. I figured out that I actually drove them to school 27 times!

I set a goal to meditate for 10 minutes every day using the Headspace App. My longest streak is 16 days!

I set a goal to not drink for month. Stayed dry for 37 days!

I set a goal to make 5 New Business calls per day. That lasted 6 days!

I set a goal to have sex 3x per week…Made it ONE week! (Was a good week though…)

I set a goal to send handwritten thank you notes to every person I met during the month…Got 90% of them out!

I set a goal to have 20 guys on the podcast this season that I’d never met before…I’m up to 9 right now!

I am successfully failing at pretty much all of my goals…And I’m ok with it.

Because I set my goals too high!

Now, just remove the “I set a goal” from any/all of the above…

I took my boys to school 27 times!

I meditated for 10 days straight!

I didn’t have a drink for 37 days!

I met and recorded podcasts with 9 amazing new guys!

I made 30 new business calls that resulted in 11 new clients!

Had I never set these lofty goals in the first place none of these accomplishments would’ve taken place.

And what happened each time I failed? I just started over. Started to make 5 new calls a day again. Started to meditate for 10 mins a day…Started to send out thank you’s to everyone I met again.

You can choose to focus on the failures, or you can appreciate the smaller successes. It’s the accumulation of the smaller successes that add up to big accomplishments in the long run.

When I talk to guys about their goals or ask to see their goals for the year, most of the time they’re job related. There’s a sales goal, a deal to close, new locations to open, a promotion they want.

While this is admirable and achievable and I have these goals as well, the problem is that these goals focus only on your career. You've completely omitted goals from other parts of your life.

Many people focus solely on their work when they set goals. However, you can't neglect activities that bring you happiness and help you feel fulfilled. Goals like taking a family vacation, exercising, fixing up your house, making it to your kid’s games are incredibly important for your well-being and are as important a set of goals, or even more so than professional goals.

When you set your goals, make sure that you strike the right balance between different areas of your life. And remember that "balance" is different for everyone and that your goals are your own. You’re not competing with anyone else.

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