With Gratitude and Thanks!

2018 has been a very meaningful and memorable year...

I've learned to let go.

I've learned to hold on.

There have been new friendships formed while some other relationships ran their course.

I started writing again and finding my voice.

I began to appreciate the value of coaching, feedback and being challenged.

47 Midlife Male Podcasts have been recorded featuring the most exceptional men I've had the privilege to get to know, learn from and share conversations with.

Failure occurred.

Success happened.

Meditation entered my life.

My wife and kids are smiling.

There's a few bucks in the bank.

There's a bunch of great clothes in my closet.

My dad...Always.

I can run, jump, lift, throw, swim and physically do pretty much anything I want.

I learned I can survive 3 mins in freezing cold water and actually come to like it.

Stopping and taking a breath every once in a while actually works.

More is not better.

Better is just better...And your "better" will be different than mine and that's OK.

If you don't like the way I coach, work, live, work, parent, talk, act, eat, whatever....That's cool. There's someone else out there who does.

I like being alone.

I like being with family and friends too.

There's no reason to go anywhere you don't want to.

It's ok to say NO.

Everything changes when you stop making assumptions.

I've got a great career, amazing clients and team that affords me a schedule, lifestyle and opportunities that work for who I am.

My guitars.

My dog.

My lucky scarf.

A pretty woman.

Dark Chocolate.




The mistakes I've made.

Some of the good decisions too.

A good concert.

A good workout.

A good meal.

A good laugh.

A good cry.

The beach.

That guy's trip.

That night alone with my wife.

And sometimes just a good shake of the head to say "Man, I really fucked that up...".

A pat on the back.

Some of it's superficial, some of it's deep...But all of it is real, authentic, transparent and vulnerable. Each experience, good or bad has taught me something.

It's all to be thankful for. It's all to be grateful for. So with gratitude and thanks I simply say "Happy Thanksgiving"...

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