Why I Won’t Be Coaching My Son Anymore.

Now before you start thinking this is going to be a negative piece, it’s not. So stand down haters, it’s all good here. I have enjoyed coaching.

I still enjoy coaching. I enjoy coaching my own boys and I have enjoyed coaching other boys. I’ve been coaching for 10 years...that’s roughly a quarter of my entire life. I’ve made some great friends. Lost some too. Have had great experiences and made memories of a lifetime. Been a part of some big wins and some crushing defeats. And ate a lot of shit along the way...

But this is not just about me. It’s about coming to terms with what’s best for my family, my boys, my wife, my career, and then

For one, It’s just not as much fun as it used to be. Simple as that.

And when it stops being fun, then I’m done.

Sports and training should be fun! Every practice and every game. For everyone! The parent, the child, the player, the coach…If it’s not, then you should go and do something else.

Few weeks back I spent time in Steamboat, Colorado – My son was playing in a baseball tournament. On this particular team I have no coaching responsibilities.

I had more fun watching and supporting that team than I’ve had as a coach in quite some time.

I was relaxed. I was encouraging. I was not wound up. (Perhaps it was the edibles it was Colorado after all but I digress...) My wife and I got along better. My son and I got along better. He felt no pressure from me and I felt none from him. He liked it better. I was not responsible for any crying kids; my own nor anyone else's. I was able to go off and do my own thing, go to the games/practices I wanted to and skip anything I wanted to. I didn’t take crap from any parents. There were no schedules to coordinate. No emails to answer. No worrying about trying to please anyone. No 3 hour post game conversations second guessing and could, woulda , shoulda scenarios… No hangovers... I got to sleep in.... It was fucking awesome.

I have no regrets, have had some amazing and memorable experiences but I’m cool with not coaching and so is Harper (Auden’s already way past daddy ball). My stepping back and allowing him to have his own experiences with new and different coaches allows him to grow as a person an athlete and me as a dad.

I'm grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had as a coach and to the leagues and parents that have supported me. I love the kids and respect the other great coaches/dads I’ve coached with and against...I even like most of the parents…BUT I don’t need it anymore.

And more importantly he doesn't need me to coach him anymore.

He just needs me to love him.

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