Where is There Room For Much Else?

Where is there room for much else?

It's a question I've been asking myself a lot lately.

I'll be 48 years young on Wednesday and when I consider Family, Fitness & Health, Career & Finances, Friends & Relationships and a hobby or two where does that leave room for much else?

It doesn't.

Does it make you selfish?

That you have established boundaries, know what's important to you and maintain the discipline and consistency necessary to be successful and happy.

That you like what you like.

That you do what works without comparison or compromise.

That you’re protective of your time, value, mental, physical, familial and financial responsibilities

That you've become increasingly more discerning about who, where, what can get in.

I can't make more time and I don't have any more space so if something or someone's getting in, something else has got to go. And that something or someone must be better than what's already there.

The days of switching, changing, swapping for just anything or anyone are over.

Loyalty, quality and stability matter.

Of course, I want to be supportive of my friends, relationships, businesses and brands...But they too, must deliver value in return.

And If they’re not, it’s my responsibility to tell them why.

Not so much that they have to listen or cater to me or even change, but rather to ensure that they know that I care and are informed as to why something does/does not work for me.

I never want to hear “Why didn’t you tell me that before. I could’ve done something about it” from anyone -

I realize that 2020 has been an absolute shit show for many of us, the majority of us even but as I'm just days away from completing another trip around the sun, this has been one of the best years of my life.

That’s not to brag or seem insensitive - I own it. I'm built for this.

The three other people you see in the picture above are the primary reason.

That's where my world starts and stops.

This year we've gotten closer, shared experiences, opportunities and made memories we would not have otherwise been able to do if we'd been living our "normal" life plan.

We literally made it to the top of the mountain.

If you don’t believe you can change. You can.

If you don’t feel you can commit, you won’t.

If you don’t prioritize yourself, nobody else will.

If you don’t open your mind, it’ll stay closed.

If you don’t remove what no longer serves you, you cannot be of service.

If you are unwilling to give you should not expect to receive.

I have realized who cares about me and more importantly who does not.

There has been a conscious shift in my personal and professional balance.

I have come to love being alone, simplicity and controlling only which I can control.

Yet I am not lonely, simple nor uncontrollable.

I have learned to prioritize my family, fitness, finances, friends and how to improve in every one of those areas. I am still learning every day.

To set boundaries. And actually maintain them.

That not everything is worth fighting about or for. Let go.

When you find something that is worth fighting about or for. Win it.

By investing in others, I am investing in myself.

There is no need to always go to extremes. The middle is often just fine.

So as #ThisIs48 begins for me and this year that has been so challenging for so many comes to an end, I am optimistic and hopeful that there are brighter times ahead for all of us.

Thank you all for reading, listening, following, subscribing, buying, being my friends, supporting, criticizing, commenting, challenging, hating on and loving.

It all counts. It's all worth it.

I am an incredibly lucky and fortunate man.

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