What Makes An Independent Man?

All right, this is the Independence Day edition of the Midlife Male news letter and it got me thinking about the state of independence and being an Independent Man.

Independent men are typically portrayed as self-made. This is true to some extent, as they work hard to achieve success. A man who is free from the influence or control of another. A man who lives on his own (or with his family) and supports himself (and his family).

Being independent AND being a man plays into choices you make, actions you take, things that you're passionate about and things that you do for money.

Sometimes, those two things intersect; passion and money.

Often they do not.

It's something I spend a lot of time on; combining personal passion with professional expertise.

It's important to me.

It may not be to you.

I'm certain there are many men who can separate the two far better than I or that may not see as much importance in combining them...I totally get that. In fact, I wish I was better at it and am working on that as well.

Both passion and money provide various degrees of independence.

I've written before about how I'm not motivated by money and how I really try not to have my life dictated to or by money and finances. Being raised with money and coming to the realization early on that it doesn't buy happiness has been far more of a driving factor in how I choose to live.

That being said, I have a quality of life that I want to live, quality of life that I want to provide for my family, things I want to do, experiences I want us to have, places I eventually want us to go and a whole laundry list of "bucket" items to tackle.

All of these things do cost money.

And things that cost money force you to make real independent "manly" decisions.

What types of business I engage in, what I accept, reject, choose to bring into my life, choose to give of myself to others and what is the value associated with each decision?

What is the compensation or remuneration that I need to receive in order to give that much of myself and that much of my time to something.

Perfect example, I love doing the podcast. I meet some tremendous people and it has been incredibly rewarding personally and professionally and exceeded everything that I could have possibly thought...But I'm not gonna make a million dollars a year doing a podcast.

I'll leave that to Joe Rogan.

I have a business that is fortunately very successful, provides a tremendous quality of life and places absolutely no ceiling on my income. I eat what I kill. I build relationships, add value, win more than I lose, work to live and believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything. I understand that concept. It works for me.

And it hard as fuck.

So that's where I continue to focus in terms of making my living, providing for my family and maintaining my independence.

It's this business that creates the independence to take on some of my other projects.

The passion projects you might say.

I read that you should find three hobbies you love. One to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative.

To me, that's what independence is all about. YOU control every one of those three things.

Being an independent man is based on the choices you make, the things that you do and even more importantly, the things that you don't do! The people you work with and give your time to and the people you do not.

As more and more things are being taken away from us due to situations, conditions and circumstances beyond our control, there is a greater need and importance in being independent financially, resourcefully, spiritually, mentally, physically and even materially.

To be an independent thinker.

Are you able to take care of yourself? Are you able to take care of those around you? Are you taking care of your personal happiness? Are you able to remain positive, work through adversity and put yourself in a position to mitigate some of that adversity?

That's independence.

That's true Independent Spirit.

That is the discipline it takes and that discipline is what creates freedom.

And that is the real beauty of this country.

That we all have the freedom, independence and ability to create a life and livelihood for ourselves.

Happy 4th (on the 5th) to all the Independent Men out there holding it down and handling your shit.

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