What is the "Midlife Male?

I’ve been working on this idea for a while now. It’s called “Midlife Male”. What is the midlife Male. He’s a guy @35-55 balancing work, life, family, health/fitness, finance/money, some style/fashion - trying to balance it all and live his best life possible without regret. He’s about having both substance and style. About punching the bully in the mouth. About experiences over things. He’s about quality over quantity. He’s about learning and living. About trying, failing and ultimately succeeding. He’s about questioning things. He’s not trying to fit in or conform. He’s into iconic, classic, timeless style. He’s about being a great father. About understanding that there are no things more valuable than time, health and family. He’s about knowing when enough is enough. He is about perseverance, discipline and having fun.

I’m going to talk to other midlife males on my podcast. Blog about fitness, food, fashion, family, finance - not to provide advice or come at this like in any kind of expert but rather that we’re all in this together, just trying to do our best, be our best and be happy, secure and comfortable in our own skin - Midlife Male is a lifestyle for like minded guys just trying to figure it all out.

Just hoping to inspire, aspire and perspire together...

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