Two Steps Forward And One Step Back

This week has been a whirlwind...The only thing I'm sure of that it's 6:49 on Sunday Morning and black coffee is a necessity as I sit down to try to write this weeks post...This is pretty much the only "quiet time" I've had all week.

I've been to Tampa, Austin and back to Houston...Attended the school play, Lacrosse games, baseball games, basketball games, Krav Maga class, client meetings, shareholders meetings, breakfast meetings, workouts, carpools, made a deal, lost a deal, submitted to be considered for a deal...This client has a problem with their insurance, another client had a fire. This account manager is out of the office, another one needs time off...Haven't opened the mail all week (pretty much just bills that are due in March anyway....), paperwork is due for Cooperstown (and our doctor can apparently only fax it to us...Who still uses a fax machine anyway...)...I ate like crap some days, stayed on point others (apparently, due to the Resting Metabolic Rate RMR Testing I did earlier in the week, I need @ 2800-3000 calories per day just to stay where I'm at...More on that later) My head has been on a swivel...And this is supposed to be me "Doing less, with more focus" and following my "plan".

I am in no way special. We all have our shit. My schedule is probably better than most and I'm sure worse than some others...I'm not comparing and I'm not complaining. It is what it is...As an observation though, I'm amazed by people who seem to be able to add any semblance of night life to the mix...Apparently there's a rodeo going on, cookout, winter formal, charity events...There's literally something you can do every night...They look happy in the pictures and I'm sure some of this is fun...But I just need to eat and sleep...By Friday, I'm all talked out, worked out, stressed out and played out...Thanks, but no thanks...Rain Check.

We watched The Green Book last night. Great movie. Ordered in dinner and I was asleep by 10:00. I DVR SNL and watch it on Sunday mornings. Total old guy move...But it works for me...

Growth isn't always constant. Setbacks happen. There will be good days, bad days, so-so days, days where you temporarily lose focus and even times when you just need a day off...You can't be your best every day. It doesn't erase all the progress. The line is still moving in the right direction; it's just not a straight line. Don't expect it to be. That's not a realistic expectation. I'll take two steps forward and one step back all day...

It's so easy to get off track, miss a workout, say yes because it's easier than saying no and then next thing you know you're someplace you don't want to be or committed to something you don't have the bandwidth or desire to really take on...To forget about finishing the paperwork, answer that call or email and get bogged down and frustrated by the insignificant, busy work and feeling that you just can't "Do it all"...

There is always something you're missing out on...Ask yourself where do you really want to be? Then be there.

There is always someone who want's a piece of you...Time, work, money...Ask yourself who do you really want to be with? Then be with them.

There is always judgement, assumption, comparison...Ask yourself if you really care? Then ignore outsiders opinions.

We tend to be very hard on ourselves. Handle what you can handle. We all have a different capacity. We're all driven by different things.

I read this piece by David Meltzer that said "The whole universe is in your head, between your ears - the most valuable 6 inches of your universe. When things go right or wrong, look between your ears, look self reflectively and listen when you continually hear the same response from others, see the same things, fee, the same way or think the same thoughts. It's much easier to point the finger at everything else for WHY things did/didn't happen. It takes much more humility and accountability to look within and ask - what did I do to attract this to myself and what am I supposed to learn."

One of my son's want's to be everywhere. He's very social, want's to be with friends and people all the time, sleep out, go to the parties, be in the school play...My other son is quite introverted. Very secure in who he is, what he likes, doesn't like, project oriented, prefers to stay in, work on his business. I'm actually learning a lot from both of them each day. How they make decisions, communicate, what matters and what doesn't.

Every decision and action I take; good or bad is on me. Once you start owning your own shit, things really do begin to change for the better. Yes, there are people you could blame, you should blame and that are "wrong" or "bad" or just see things differently, the world is full of 'em...They only have control, leverage, power if you allow it. The more you take ownership and accountability of yourself the less impact they have. The fewer setbacks you'll have. The more steps forward you'll take without falling back.

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