Today Was A Good Day

Today was a good day. How often do we say that? Probably not as much as we should....

Saturday. A simple, straightforward, good day.

I joined a few guys for a morning workout, picked up breakfast for the boys, took the dog to the park, watched a couple of episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with Kate and Auden (Really surprised a 15yr old boy likes it, but Tony Shaloub can make anyone laugh I guess...), caught up with my boy "The" Jeff Beacher and booked him for a future podcast and tonight, we'll have dinner with two other couples who’s company I really enjoy.

There’s nothing more to it. Nothing to compare it to or compete with. It's just right. Simple and good. I like everything I did today. Are all my days like this? Fuck no; and they shouldn’t be. They can’t be...

But every once in a while it’s important to step back, take a look around and remind ourselves that we’ve got it pretty fucking good.

Often we make more out of life and situations than we need to. We make things more important than they really are. We put care into stuff that doesn’t/shouldn’t matter. We give away time to things and people we should not. We compromise when we should be holding firm and we’re stubborn when we really should be a bit more giving. We compare, we fear missing out and we’re constantly doing too much and yet not doing enough...

It’s cool not to care.

About what others think, how they act, what they say or feel about you or others...It just doesn’t really matter.

Your entire world opens up, time, energy, space, mindset, physical and mental capacity when you choose to let go.

Does this make you uncaring? Absolutely not.

It just means you’re choosing to care about what really matters to YOU. To place emphasis on your own behavior, actions, family, health and choosing not to care about that which is out of your control.

Create your own great day.

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