There’s Always Something You’re Not Seeing

Do you write your goals down? I do. I didn’t for a long time... All of them. Personal goals, professional goals...Even right down to how often I want to have sex per week (I said these were goals, not certainties...) They’re my goals, they’re personal and this isn’t for the purpose of debating whether or not I should have loftier goals, different goals or even fewer goals, it’s to point out that in order to reach my goals, something’s gotta give somewhere. A lot of things actually. There has to be sacrifices made. There is only so much time and energy available so in order to get where I’d like to go, choices have to be made. Like right now...I’m in Chicago for The Restaurant Show and am in my hotel room for the night already at 7:02. Why? Because if I accepted that dinner invitation, I’d be out late, most likely drink, wake up feeling like crap, not get the workout in that I scheduled, which would make me feel even worse, negatively affect my day, have a trickle down effect to the D10 (which is 3 weeks away)...See where I’m going with this? I did order a Chicago style deep dish pizza from Giordano’s delivered to my room though...Had to. (Hey, get your own goals...Don’t judge!)

Earlier in the year I wrote about one of my goals being “Do less with more focus”...And yeah, this may seem hypocritical to some who feel I still do too much (and feel compelled to tell me); and I do acknowledge the fine line between trying to live life to the fullest and remaining focused, however once you’ve cut out so much of the unnecessary bullshit that you shouldn’t waste a minute of your time/energy on, it really free‘s up quite a bit of space to do the things you actually want to do and reach your goals...At a client meeting last week I noticed that he had “Do Simple Better” written on his whiteboard. I actually like this better. It’s not about doing “less” so much as it is about doing “better”. If you can simplify the structure of your life and your goals then you can focus on doing each of those things better...Maybe it’s a combination of the two...

There’s always something you’re not seeing though. There’s always another side to the story. When we get answers we don’t want to hear, reactions that we don’t like, “No’s” instead of “Yeses” we often think that it has something to do with us...I know I do. But it doesn’t (Maybe on a few occasions...). We’re all out there just doing our thing. Trying to accomplish our own goals, live our own lives.

It’s easy to only think only about yourself, your goals and what you want...Well, guess what? So is the other guy.  You have no idea what’s going on in his life, inside his house, business, family, whatever...

I love my clients and friends but I’m quite certain that they’re not sitting around thinking about how they can make life easier, more profitable or better for me...Quite frankly they’re thinking about how I can make things better for them...Now if it happens to work for both of us, then we’ve really got something.


“Just make my life easier...That’s it”. If you can do that, we’re all good.  I just don’t need any more shit...I’ve got all that I can handle right now.“. Heard that before?

I make my decisions based on the goals I’ve set...I didn’t always do this. I’d set goals, write them down and then take absolutely no action steps towards achieving them as if they were going to accomplish themselves just by osmosis or because I thought I deserved these things...Sometimes I’d get lucky, which is the worst thing that can happen because it‘s just a false positive; a reinforcement of poor behavior but more often I’d miss a goal and find someone or something other than myself to blame it on...Bad move.

I still get off track.

I’m still too hard on myself.

I still get depressed when reality doesn’t meet the standards I’ve set.

I still have to go back and revisit my goals constantly to remind myself of what I even set out to accomplish in the first place!

If you’re having trouble achieving or setting goals, check out these links below

Also, here’s a pic of the most simple of goals - the key is to start somewhere (and it’s not at the top)

Remember, there’s always something that you’re not seeing...If you can take an extra moment to stop, think it thru and breathe before reacting, I’ve found you’ve got a much greater chance of success of achieving your goals over the course of your life, not simply your quarter or year.

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