The Value and Reward From Being of Service

I read this story on FB (originally posted by Jenny Hayden Lamey) and was completely moved. Luke Marklin, Bellhops moving company chief executive, gifted his car to employee Walter Carr in Birmingham, Ala., on July 16 after Carr walked nearly 20 miles to his first day of work when his car broke down. On so many levels this is beautiful and inspiring. From the commitment, perseverance and work ethic of Walter to the kindness of the police officers who bought Walter breakfast to the good nature of the Lamey’s who were moving that day and shared Walter’s story to Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin giving his new employee his own personal vehicle so that he could have a reliable car to get to work each day. These are the examples we should strive to set. This is truly leading by example. Paying it forward. Being of service. Being of value. I reached out to Luke right after I read the story – I really just wanted to say “Great job” and that I was moved by the entire story and chain of events. I wasn’t expecting to hear back. After all the story has gone viral and picked up by almost every major news outlet. But, I did hear back and Luke and his team set up a call where we spoke for over 30 minutes about how he first learned of Walter’s story, his call to action, the kind of company and culture he wants to have at Bellhops, the example he wants to set for his own two young son’s and the anticipation and feeling he had during that ride to Birmingham to present Walter with his car. At just 33 years old, he’s not a Midlife Male yet, but safe to say we can all learn something from Luke Marklin no matter what stage of life we’re at.

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