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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I don't know about the rest of you, but this whole quarantine lockdown, work from home thing, new normal is finally beginning to wear on me. And unfortunately it seems like things are going to get worse again before they get better. I hope I’m wrong about this.

I’ve started to retrace my steps. To take a look back on what I wrote when it first started out and how I was feeling then compared to where I'm at right now. Here’s a link to a few of those posts.

Am I keeping up with what I said I was going to do? Am I acting the way I said I was going to act? Am I taking the positive action steps I outlined and am I actually still walking the walk or have I simply talked the talk?

So I put together a list.

It’s a list of things that I have done since this started and some things I still intend to do.

It's my list. I’d expect your list can be very different. I don't know if my list would be considered a lot. I don't know if it's enough or if it’s too much.

I don't know if it's more or less than anybody else's. I don’t compare.

One thing I’m certain of is that even in the “old normal”; the former way of life that we used to live in and when we (I say we as a family) were over scheduled, super busy, the kids were coming and going, Kate and I were two ships passing in the wind, there were work meetings, lunches, dinners, parties, sporting events, concerts to go to, practices to go, parent teacher conferences, full calendars and it seemed daunting and all encompassing; even then I still felt like I had time on my hands. That I had downtime and that if I wasn’t using it productively and constructively, then I was lazy.

And now, quite frankly there's so much fucking time I don't know what to do with myself half the time! Really, I don't.

How many new business calls can you make? How many hours a day can you workout? How much can you cook? Certainly there's a limit to how much shopping you can do! I see the Amazon van more than just about anything or anyone else! How much time can you spend with your wife, before the two of you are just annoying to one another? How much time can you spend with your kids? They need to see other kids more than us! Plus, it's now 100 fucking degrees here so even being outside is a drain.

There is so much time. One of the things I'm trying to focus on is that it’s ok to chill out. To just relax.

There's no pressure to write the most brilliant newsletter ever every week or even get it out “On time”.

There's no pressure to be somewhere.

Hell, there's really not that much pressure anymore to write business.

Because the days, even the open and free days are hard. I’d argue that those are even the hardest.

Everyone is going through all kinds of different shit and handling it in their own way.

What I feel and what I hope is that we are committing to mentally, physically, financially and emotionally taking care of ourselves however, we possibly can.

I reflect on how fortunate I am to be in the position that I am that I enjoy being around my family, that I enjoy being home, that I enjoy exercising, that I enjoy speaking with my clients, that I enjoy trying to be helpful to businesses and people, that I enjoy getting to compete for opportunities to be valuable.

It’s important to remind yourself of this. To check in with yourself.

I'm extremely grateful and appreciative for where I am right now. But I also acknowledge that wow, what if you're single? What if you're not at this stage of your career? What if you're not that happy in the relationship that you're in? What if you do have health problems? What if you've spent your entire life building a business, and it's really in bad shape now? What if you’re my kids and you don’t have any of the things that you used to? That's really hard.

Wearing a mask is not hard. Taking one for the team and putting a mask on if you go somewhere, that's not that fucking hard. Those other things I described; those are hard. Those are real challenges.

So there it is.

It comes back to gratitude, it comes back to humility, it comes back to accountability, mindset, managing anxiety, stress, navigating through it all and sometimes being okay with just sitting back and telling yourself. “You know what? I got a beautiful four walls around me, a roof over my head, people who care about me, everything that I need around me. I know I can't do it all right now, but I can do enough, I have enough and I'm going to hang on. I'm going to make the best of the situation and we're going to get through this.

“People tend to overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a year”.

Normalize it. Energy and time are currency. Spend them wisely.

Oh, and here’s that I list I mentioned earlier. Maybe it inspires some ideas.

· Grew amazing beard (some would say awful beard)

· Built a home gym

· Invested in key people - my trainer(s) Taj and Will

· Prioritized Recovery and selfcare – Installed a chest freezer for Ice Baths and have infrared sauna on order

· Been cooking…A lot! Got an air fryer, deep fryer, grill accessories and shit ton of new recipes

· Got a new outdoor table and installed overhead fan

· Redecorated the kids rooms and game room; carpet, paint, furniture

· Recorded 10 podcasts

· Writing daily – Putting out the weekly blog/newsletter

· Continuing book project – compiling best of podcast, blogs

· Walking! 1-3 miles almost daily

· Got a puppy! Roxy is the best addition to our family

· Take some road trips - Galveston, Austin, getaway house

· Signed up to get my Motorcycle license

· Written over 100k in NEW Business revenue and staying on pace to annual goal

· Remain focused on taking care of existing clients – Calls, emails, texts. Be there for them

· Launched weekly INSGroup One For Ten series on IGTV

· Guitar – I’m a lot better than I was

· Closet - ditch, donate, streamline. Less choices, more happiness.

· Sending handwritten notes and gifts.

· Walk away from some bad business. No better time to do so!

· Invested in a few businesses and brands that I love and have had the time to dig in and get to know

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