The Midlife Male: A 3-Year Vision

I was introduced by a friend to this book called Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold and it really struck a chord. I've been working on my own "Vivid Vision" for a while now; it's taken longer than I initially expected and has resulted in my asking myself a lot of questions that I've realized I still don't have the answers to.

I've taken stabs at different aspects of the Vivid Vision, deleted them, revised them, hired a writer to help me out, have tried to really dig deep into what I really want versus what I say or think I want...And most importantly, what I'm really committed to doing, how I'm really committed to living and what the next 36 months look like in my head and on paper so that I can spend every day turning vision into reality. I highly recommend the book. It's a quick read and really mind blowing.

One aspect of The Vivid Vision that is both appealing and scary is that you're encouraged to share it, put it all out there as how can anyone help you achieve your Vivid Vision if they don't know what it is and it isn't crystal clear.

I'm not finished with mine yet but as I've spent the past week on the beach, surrounded by family, amazing friends, new connections, conversations and experiences and receiving, revising and re-visiting my Vivid Vision document with my writing partner I thought I'd share some of it with you this Sunday.

What I’ve Learned From Eisner, Weinstein, and Anxiety

The “hustle and grind” life is overrated -- and I know why from firsthand experience.

I’m passionate about connecting with people. My unconventional professional journey - from working as Harvey Weinstein’s executive assistant in my 20’s and telling him to "Fuck off" 20 years before the "Me Too" era, to having my company Team Baby Entertainment acquired by Michael Eisner in my 30’s - along with personal experiences - the loss of my father in my teens , the imprisonment of my brother, struggles with alcohol, body image, anxiety and self confidence - give me a unique outlook when it comes to connecting with and bringing out the best in others.

After a pivot in business and in life, I’m now in my mid-40’s, have regained my health to become a top executive athlete, and transitioned from risk taker to risk manager to become a Top Producer and partner with Insgroup, one of the largest independent insurance firms in the United States.

I have worked diligently to combine my personal passions with professional expertise. I specialize in risk management for hospitality and food brands, health and fitness companies, entrepreneurs and luxury lifestyles, and follow my personal motto “Insuring Success” in work and life.

My methodology regarding work and life is simple: Surround yourself with people, ideas and brands you love, bringing passion, authenticity, humility and experience to everything you do. I am energized by working for my clients, and it’s easy to do, because being of service comes naturally when you develop deep relationships and share mutual respect with the people you connect with and serve.

I’ve been a filmmaker, sports video producer, TV host, fitness studio owner, insurance broker, CrossFit coach, a triathlete, a decathlete, a father, a husband, a brother, and a son. Balance is a fallacy; the pursuit of your passions and happiness however, is very real and paramount to living successfully.

The Midlife Male: A 3-Year Vivid Vision

My 36-month vision for The Midlife Male Brand includes:

Staying at the top of my game as a multi-million dollar top insurance producer and taking INSGROUP to the top 50 agencies in the US by “Insuring Success” of top CEOs, families, entrepreneurs, brands, luxury lifestyles and companies thru relentless client advocacy, passion and technical proficiency.

Building a community of 50 Midlife Male coaching clients, working together in one-to-one and small group settings. The 5-figure investment attracts executive-level men who want a trusted circle of like-minded guys to confide in and take advice from.

“Midlife Male Experiences” throughout the year that build camaraderie and create memorable and inspiring life experiences amongst clients, podcast guests, friends and likeminded men.

A hit podcast being downloaded thousands of times per month, noted for engaging and disruptive conversations that inspire and advise Midlife Males and sponsored by like-minded brands and influencers, garnering 100k+ in sponsorship revenue.

Time and space to appreciate my wife and kids, making memories with my family in the final years before my kids cross over into adulthood and go off to college.

Living the fit life, a commitment to sustainable, longevity based functional fitness, health and wellness thru daily discipline of mind, body and spirit.

Give it a go yourself. Write it down. Talk it out. Record it. Let me know where you see yourself in 3 years. It's a really valuable exercise to keep exploring and drilling down on what's important to you and your future.

Good luck and let me know if I can help you in any way.


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