The "List" - Midlife Male Holiday Gift List

This year's holiday gift guide; is actually more of a list. A long list, but I’ve found that 1) People like lists and 2) I like a lot of people, brands, experiences and things so this got lengthy fast.

I also realize we're already into Hanukah...My bad.

While I don’t go into deep detail about every single thing on the list, you can trust that if it’s on here I either use it, own it, know the people involved, insure it, invested in it, tried and tested it, wear it, eat it, listen to it, have read it or been to it.

It’s a list that’s focused on experiences, people, products that provide experiences, improvement, community, health, happiness, improvement, investment, growth and support.

My focus is on people. Now, more than ever we need connection. We need step up and help those in need and those whose ideas, visions, businesses, courses and brands deserve to not only survive this time but turn the corner and thrive in the future.

I really believe that food tastes better when you know who's made it.

That the clothes on my body wear better when I know who's made them.

That the products I put in my system come from brands where I trust what the founders put in them.

That the equipment I use is made by people who actually care about health & fitness.

Often we forget that there are real people behind the businesses and products out there and that we have a choice as to where and how to spend our money and who to support.

Whether it’s for me, my wife, my children, extended family and friends and even my dogs, it all comes back to people.

And I want to see people succeed and go home to their families happy each night.

This little shift in perspective changes everything as a consumer.

I included links and names where I could in order to help you get to as many of the things on the list easier. If I missed any or I goofed, none of these are hard to find thanks to the wonders of Google so don’t give up;)

Fitness -

Ladder app – If you’re working out at home, this is a great app w/great trainers

Marcus Filly – I’m loving Marcus’s Functional Bodybuilding program. He provides excellent demos and IG content daily as well

Phase6 - Movement and flow has become an integral part of my training and this is some of the best programming I’ve found. Has made a huge difference and at 48, it’s imperative to be able to move well.

XPT – From pool workouts to contrast therapy to breathwork XPT’s programs are amazing. Laird Hamilton is the quintessential Midlife Male

The Khango Way – If you’re in Houston there’s no better gym and no better trainers than Dose & Taj Khan. Now, it’s even more of a family affair with their brother and sisters joining team. Sign up at

Dr. Jen Esquer’s Optimal Body Program is an excellent way to get your body back into alignment and feeling it’s best -

BlueChip Boxing – Houston friends looking to box, Will Morris is your guy. BlueChip Boxing makes house calls and will train you, your kids, your wife and maybe even your dog…Find him on IG.

MidlifeMale Essentials -

Onnit – Steel Clubs & Mace’s have become a major part of my training. Onnit has you covered on these. Buy the course as well. It’s important to learn to use these tools properly.

Sorinex – If you buy one thing from Sorinex, make it the Glute Ham Developer/Roller. For $170 it’s an incredibly versatile piece of gear for upper and lower body development.

Nuo Bells – Adjustable dumbbells are great, if you get the right ones. They save space and money. My preference are Nuo Bells. They go from 5-80lbs at a click. They’re well built, easy to adjust and they’re shaped like dumbbells as opposed to powerblocks, which are rectangular.

Rogue Fitness for Kettlebells and plates.

Concept2 – For cardio you can’t beat Concept 2 for rower and ski erg. The best in the game. They’ll last forever, you can’t beat them and no impact on your. Joints. Assault Bike – One more on the cardio front. The assault bike. Deadly effective machine and my favorite torture device. Incredible value for what it delivers.


Restore Hyperwellness – I love this company. For sustainability, longevity, recovery, anti-aging Restore is the best. They have locations across the US.

Hyperice - I own pretty much all of their products. The Hypervolt is my favorite. They have vibrating rollers, balls and now they own Normatec so you can buy the recovery boots as well.

Powerdot – Another favorite of mine the powerdot is a super effective TENS unit that’s Bluetooth operated. I use mine at least 3x a week.

Cold Plunge – I put a cold plunge in my backyard and it’s been a game changer. 14.8 cu ft. maytag chest freezer. Fill with water, Epsom salt and Hydrogen Peroxide and set a timer/temp gauge to keep it at the temp you want. Cost effective way to have 24/7 access to freeze yourself.

Sauna – Amazing health benefits from sauna’s. I ordered mine from Sunlighten – Lots of options to choose from

HydroFlask – Water all day every day. These are the best water bottles around.

CBD – I use CBD daily and Canvas1839 is the best I’ve tried.

Headspace – This app is worth every penny. I struggle with meditation and having Headspace on my phone is extremely helpful.


Rich Roll – One of my favorite podcasts Rich just released Voicing Change, his latest book. Pick up a copy

Matthew McConaughey – Greenlights is a tremendous book. Alright, alright, alright.

Mark Hsu – Please Open in The Event of My Death

Jamey Rootes – The Winning Game plan has stellar insight from the President of The Houston Texans

George Kroustalis – Secrets to Becoming A Financial Badass


Ten Thousand – I’m very discerning about my training gear and Ten Thousand has the best shorts and tights around. I’m digging the new hoodies as well.

Rhone – For #WFH and exactly the way I’d like to look every day; Professional, Athletic, Comfortable Rhone is the top. They do everything well. I’m partial to the joggers, vests and henley’s.

Municipal – Sport Utility Gear. Super clean, casual and cool.

Altra Running – The Solstice is my training shoe. I’ve found none better. I’ve tried tons. Thank me later.


Weiss Watch Co. – I get more compliments when I wear my Weiss than any of my watches. Watchmaker Cameron Weiss is something special.


Sans – I just got hooked on these bars. Clean and simple ingriedients. I keep them with me always now.

Strong Coffee – Every morning.

EBoost – The Watermelon BCAA’s are my favorite.

LifeToGo - This new superstore carries many of my client’s and friends products. Well curated and easy platform. Check them out.

Athletic Greens – Every morning. I do not get enough greens in my daily life so AG is a huge help. Get a subscription and make it a habit.

FroPro – These frozen snack bars are amazing. They’re a Go To dessert, post workout cool snack or any time my kids need something.

Bread Man Co. – Heck yes I eat bread! The ciabatta and focaccia is off the charts good. Their pizza dough I need to buy by the dozen each week as the boys and kate devour it. Find them throughout Texas and if you can’t get them now in your area, just wait…Gonna be huge brand!

Dish Society – Buy gift cards to this amazing local Houston restaurant group. Breakfast, lunch and dinner options and all are great. If you order the farmers plate with chicken, greens and sweet potatoes, that’s my dish;)

Bosscat/BCK – Houston & Cali Bosscat, BCK, Ten Asian Bistro…Grab your gift cards. Order the burger “Chef’s Way”.

ClarkCooper Concepts – Coppa is a favorite however everything Grant does is terrific. Use gift cards at any of their restaurants in H’town.

Local Foods – Sandwiches and salads couldn’t be better than at Local Foods.

Blood Bro’s BBQ – The guys’ make the best chicken, brisket fried rice and kale salad (yes, kale salad at a BBQ joint!). They get raves for their ribs and other items, I’m just a creature of habit;)


Huron – Clean skin products that work. Face wash, body wash and eye stick are my everyday essentials. My boys use it to. They just added shampoo, conditioner…But im bald;)

LabTo Beauty -This is some terrific, high end stuff. Their CBD line is terrific. Masks, oils, washes. I did their 30 day challenge and saw a big difference in my skin.


Chris Bernal – My coach. Chris helped me tremendously and our work together made me a better person, thinker and performer.

Steve Schlafman - professional certified coach, angel investor, facilitator, speaker, former operator and recovering VC. Dedicated to helping entrepreneurs bring their boldest visions to life and evolve into extraordinary leaders.

Phil Goglia - Performance Fitness Concepts has been a worldwide leader of nutritional counseling for the past 33 years. Phil Goglia is one of the best there is. Before you jump on some fad diet or go Keto, Paleo or anything else.

Jon Mitchell, PA - Personalized Functional Medicine programs to improve energy, mental clarity, and resolve chronic health issues.

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