Take The Back Roads

I wanna riff on a few things this week....And speaking of riffs, this week guitarist, musician and author of "Dad's Know Best" John Luzzi joins me on The Midlife Male Podcast. I'm fascinated by guy's like John who are able to take their personal passion and turn it into professional success. The dedication, commitment, the "10,000 hours" it takes to become a master of your instrument. John talks about his journey thru music which has taken him around the world, producing, technology, the art, routine and balance of creating music along with being a husband and now father. Peeling back some of the layers and stereotypes of the "Rock-n-Roll" lifestyle and gaining insight into how one navigates thru the chaos to find clarity. He's also the author, along with writing partner Don Miggs of Dad's Know Best" an honest, uncensored, real-world advice book for new fathers, from dads who have been through it all. Inside you'll read exclusive advice from over 150 dads who were right where you are now except you are holding the book they wish they had before the baby popped out...Have a listen.

The other day I needed to be in San Antonio for business. As it turns out, my friend and former MLM podcast guest Seamus Mullen was going to be at the same event as the keynote speaker so we arranged to meet up. Seamus has an incredible story; he's a chef, author, cyclist and was just announced as the Co-Host for the new GOOP Fellas Podcast along with Dr. Will Cole for Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP brand.

On the drive from Austin to San Antonio I just plugged the destination into my waze and started driving. Somewhere along the way I got re-routed due to traffic or whatever and ended up on some farm to market back roads. Once I got over being annoyed by being delayed and concerned that I had no idea where I was...I started to enjoy the ride, the scenery and the alone time. Instead of being on a crowded, non-de script highway I was winding my way thru beautiful land and surroundings with farms, ranches, cows and horses. We tend to move so quickly. Look for the fastest route. Constantly being on the go...And for what? Sometimes just taking the back roads is all you need to change your mood.


When's the last time you got in your car and just drove?

Went out to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner by yourself (and didn't rush thru it...)?

Went to a movie, show or event by yourself?

Went for a walk?

Swam in cold water?

Took a trip by yourself?


I'm going to be making some changes to the Podcast. Doing a deep dive into what I've learned over the past 70+ episodes, the feedback received and areas I want to explore that I feel will be of value to as many men as possible. The notion that we should be living our best lives possible and continuing to become the best versions of ourselves in Mid life is at the forefront; yet so many feel out of balance, stuck, going thru the motions, not feeling like they belong, angry, bitter, not performing at their best, seeking validation and appreciation from others instead of believing in them themselves.

You'll start seeing the podcast at the top of each week's newsletter. I'm in the final stages of hiring a producer/content manager to help me grow this "thing"...I'm going to do some solo-cast's; riffing on topics, personal stories, concerns, issues...There's a book on the way too. One thing I've realized in going back and listening to these episodes (and I can't stand listening to myself so it's one of the reason's I'm getting a producer to sift thru it all and identify the best stuff) is that i've been fortunate to have some of the brightest and insightful guys in the world on the MLM Podcast and there are incredible takeaways that should be compiled into a format that can help us all out.


My son got his drivers learners permit this week. I have no idea how I have a 15 year old. I'm scared by how quickly time is moving and while I speak often about slowing down, there's so much I want to do, say, experience and teach him as quickly as possible because in another minute he's going be off to college...Freakin' me out a little...But for today, we'll just focus on winning a lacrosse championship. Go Jags!


If you wouldn't allow your child to do something, is it OK to allow someone else's?

Hypothetically, let's say you're managing a little league team and you don't want your son throwing a certain number of pitches in a little league game or over the course of a season...So you ride another kid's arm because his dad is "onboard" with it...You know it's wrong for all sorts of reasons, arm safety, longevity, maybe you don't want to have that conversation with the other dad about "why"....Just a thought...

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