Stop Making Things So Hard

Why do we tend to make things so difficult on ourselves? Everything from our food, finances, fitness, fashion, family life.... We create problems we don't have, we apply discipline to certain areas yet ignore others, we listen to those who enable us and ignore those who's feedback and input could really help and we generally resist the urge to let our guard down and allow someone make us better.

I still do this all the time...."Hey man, let me help you"...."Nah, I got it". We don't got it...I don't "Got it" Nobody has "Got it."...We could all benefit from a little "Hey man, let me help you"....Or even better still, having the courage and confidence to reach out and say to someone "Hey man, I could use your help."

And here's the thing...There are people out there who want to help you. Some will do it out of kindness, friendship and a spirit of giving back, some will charge you for their time and services and some will do it because the love hearing themselves talk about how much they know on a particular subject (ego can be funny like that)...You will be the beneficiary regardless.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you can even make a trade...

"Hey, I'll help you get your fat ass back in shape and you help me get my financial shit back in order."

"Hey, I could use a little help with dressing a little better."

"Hey, I could use a little help with my nutrition."

"Hey, I could use a little help with my podcast"

"Hey, I could use a little advice on investing..."

I'm willing to bet that you already know and/or are connected to pretty much everyone you would need to help you in any areas in which you are weak and I'm also willing to bet that you have something of value to offer any/all of those people in exchange...Even if it' just money...

If you don't...Shoot me an email and I'll do my best to help you. There's also this thing out there called the internet where pretty much whatever you're thinking about there's already a million articles on it and you can do it in the privacy of your own home in case you're worried about looking stupid or vulnerable or weak (are you seriously still worried about those things?)...Everything you need to improve already exists, yet we continue to make things hard on ourselves.

It is all about value, discipline and time. If you can balance and manage those three elements then you're life can be easier, you can receive the help you need, you can get out of your own way and allow good things to happen for you.

The trick is to not just focus on the areas where you need a little improvement or are already "pretty good"; ie: I'm pretty good at rowing yet I just hired a rowing coach because I want to shave a few seconds off my time (That's just my ego and competitive nature...) YOU have to really commit to those areas in which you're weak and apply the same discipline there.

That's a whole 'nother level of awareness, but the upside is huge.

Start practicing asking for help. Begin to embrace the easier path. Challenge yourself to commit to being efficient and effective. Build your network of "helpers" and stop making things so hard.

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