So I'm Not An Introvert After All

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hank you so much for your support of the Midlife Male podcast and the newsletter. I really appreciate all the DM’S, messages and questions that come in each week. It means a lot. Please tell your family, your friends, colleagues to subscribe, share the love and keep this movement, growing.   Also, don’t forget to read thru to the end!  I’ve got an offer from PowerDot, Quick review of the new RHONE board shorts and Lettuce Grow. So, it turns out I'm not really an introvert after all. I just wasn't enjoying what I was doing, the schedule I was keeping and the “obligations” I felt I had.  That’s all gone now.  When I enjoy things, I’m quite extroverted.  I love getting up Saturday mornings and seeing the people I do my pool workouts with. I love having my buddies over to the house to exercise and workout with the trainers we use. We enjoy hosting dinners at our home with our small circle of friends. There was just a lot of other shit that I didn't want to do and didn’t enjoy. So I would say no or turn down those invitations and write myself off as being introverted and the outlier because I didn't want to do the things that were “expected”.   It’s always easy to blame ourselves. To think that there's something wrong with us because everybody else seems to be “doing” it right or. "normal". What I’ve found is that there is something for everyone. A place for everyone and a community for everyone. Whoever you are, whatever you are. And there is happiness and enjoyment that you can get out of being a part of it. You just have to find it. You just have to be willing to not compromise or sacrifice who you are. So I will now proudly say that I am not an introvert. Yes, I still love staying home and being alone. That hasn't changed. But the realization is that that enjoying spending time alone doesn't make me an introvert. Then I discovered an article about ambiverts. The in-betweeners: part introvert, part extrovert. Could that be me? Some researchers say it describes most of us. The Big Five The main personality traits or The Big Five, as psychologists call them, are: 1. Openness 2. Conscientiousness 3. Extroversion/Introversion 4. Agreeableness 5. Neuroticism Extroversion/Introversion is just one aspect that we can relate to. They aren’t actually two opposite, separate traits — they’re a spectrum. We can lie anywhere along the scale from extreme introvert to extreme extrovert. This trait mainly describes how someone recharges: Do they get energy by hanging out with others, or do they need alone time to recharge? But what if you fit both? I definitely do. I love people. I’m social. Meeting new people is great and I’m comfortable talking in groups, I'm in sales so I'm always talking and I have long one on one conversations on the podcast. On the other hand, I get exhausted after being with too many people. My internal life is very active and my active life is well…Very active!  I’m in my head a lot. I need silence to process my thoughts. Alone time is not optional for me — it’s a requirement. But not too much. If I have a day to myself, a morning to write a good solo workout or walk, that’s usually more than enough. Then, I’m cool with being around people. Ambiverts, according to some researchers, are the majority in the middle of the spectrum — not extreme on either trait. You might be an Ambivert if:

  • When you do personality tests you often want to answer: “It depends on my mood/the day/situation.” You don’t feel like either one quite fits you.

  • You like the company of others, but then need some alone time.

  • You’re talkative and loud in a group sometimes and quiet at other times.

  • You often have an internal battle between wanting to spend time alone and wanting to be social.

  • You can handle and enjoy most social situations but it is a bit of a challenge at times, especially large crowds or new people.

  • Your listening and speaking skills are equally strong. You can easily alter your communication style to suit the person you’re talking to or the situation.

  • Some people would describe you as an extrovert and others would say you’re an introvert.

  • You get bored with too much time alone, but too much social time is uncomfortable too.

Curious to know what you think?  Where do you fall?  Have you changed your perspective during this time? Let me know.  Here's a few #MidlifeMale approved items I've been using and posting about lately.  Follow me on IG to see & learn more. 

PowerDot - I have been using this product for years and recently became an ambassador.  It's a portable, bluetooth operated TENS unit for recovery.  You place the pads on various parts of your body, open the app, set it and it runs thru its program.  You can walk around while it's on and experience extended recovery, massage, warmup and other functions.  It's super small and easy to travel with as well.  Use promo code:  GREG when purchasing.  ALSO!  I have ONE 40% offer available.  Email or DM me and first one received, i'll send you the code! 

RHONE - Just received some great new shorts from RHONE.  The board shorts for my Saturday XPT pool workouts are terrific.  Put them to the test just yesterday.  They sent me them in red so I felt a little like a Baywatch lifeguard but I actually liked the color and the shorts fit really well and the length was perfect for me at 5'9 and 32' waist.  On the resort shorts the 32 was too small and legs a bit too tight so size up on those.  They're a great casual every day short.  If you need a great polo; the commuter polo is ideal.  I wore my first collar shirt in months last week and this one was perfect for the Houston heat. 

Lettuce Grow - GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER. This is a true statement because we suck at growing things and the Lettuce Grow. has been amazing. I got it for kate for her bday and she loves it.  Use code:  FRIEND-5EPT for $50 off and I'll get $25 towards ordering more seedlings.

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