So how’d you spend your Sunday night?

Tonight I spent some time in a performance breathing class followed by a Contrast Therapy Session. I’m gonna sleep like a baby.

I’ve been experimenting with various self care techniques over the past year; recovery, energy, mediation, sleep, mobility...That type of thing. I’ve also been tweaking and playing around with different types of workouts, movements, rep schemes, unilateral training and conditioning...And also nutrition. What I eat, when I eat, how I feel after I eat, what I drink, don’t drink... I’m going on feel and listening to my body. At this point it’s all about feeling good and performing well. I have no real education in this area, I’m not a professional in the health & wellness industry, nor do I make any money off of anything I recommend. If I like something, I’ll say so. If I don’t, I’m happy to share my you my thoughts on why. What works for me, may not work for you...It’s all just trial and error.

I eat meat and carbs. It works for me.

I don't do dairy. I get congested...

I like alcohol but I cant recover for shit anymore so I really don't drink much.

Higher reps, lighter weights, more band work, unilateral movements, carries, speed and agility exercises and lots of rest is working better than constant HIIT/CrossFit.

Heavy weight, Max's, PR's, anything high impact and over training doesn't work...

Contrast Therapy, CBD Oil, meditation, yoga, swimming have all made major positive impact in how I feel and perform.

Good luck!

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