Slow The Fuck Down....

It’s everything and everywhere. We eat too fast. We workout too fast. We drive too fast. We talk too fast. We even sleep too fast.

We don’t take the time to enjoy moments, to devote the proper time and attention, to not just “get thru it” but to get it right.

We're always in a rush. Always juggling, multitasking, whirlwinds of perpetual motion...

Feels like whenever I ask someone how they're doing the answer's always the same exasperated "I'm so busy...". We don’t slow down; personally and professionally...But we should. We need to.

Being just a week into the new year and having not really fucked anything up yet, I'm just working to:

  • Slow down.

  • Keep things simple, effective, professional, mature.

  • Speed kills.

  • Desperation reeks.

  • Pushiness is a turnoff.

  • Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast....I think the SEALS say this...

I’ll blow it again, get excited, passionate, opportunistic whether it’s business, personal, whatever...but I’m becoming more aware of these instances and because of that it’s occurring less and less.

I’m also looking back, reflecting and documenting not so that I can beat myself up over things and dwell in the past, but so I can learn from it and think better, more slowly and intelligently.

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