SIX Things You Can Do To Make Powerful Changes in Your Life!

It’s amazing since I started this whole #MidlifeMale thing what’s happened in just a short period of time...Guys actually want to TALK!

I’ve gotten more feedback, questions, workout, breakfast and lunch invitations over the past few weeks than I have in the past few years. Instead of reaching out to guys I thought we’re like me and being rebuffed, I now have likeminded guys approaching me and building a community.

More importantly there are lots of guys asking for advice, willing to be vulnerable, accept that they don’t know it all and that things have gotten a little out of balance in their lives. Perhaps they’ve let themselves go a bit, are overcommitted, not managing their time or relationships well, spending money in the wrong places and on the wrong things...Making excuses...Sound familiar?

Flip the switch. Ditch the negative and focus on the positive.

Here are SIX things you can do to make small, powerful changes in your life and get back on the path to greater balance and fulfillment

1. Schedule your life like it’s your business! You run your business efficiently and effectively, why not your life as well? Your life should not come 2nd. Health, fitness, family first. So schedule that stuff first and then build your business around it.

2. Morning meditation/journaling 15 Mins - start small with a few mins of breathing and a few mins to write down some things you’re grateful for. Life changing! Use @breethe app if you're unsure how to start.

3. Exercise: 2-3 days during the week and 2 on weekends. I find it much easier to workout on the weekends than weekdays. No work commitments, no school drop offs/sports, my family sleeps late and I can more easily get up and at it by 8 or 9am and home by 9-10a. This also helps manage what I eat/drink fri/sat nights, so schedule these workouts on your calendar so that when you make dinner plans with the couple on Friday night that likes to “go hard and late” you can tell them it must be an early dinner and quit after one/two drinks. Here’s an accountability tip! PAY for these workouts! Book a trainer/class, get a buddy or whatever but when there’s $ committed you’re less likely to skip out. Trust me - it sucks when you blow $200 on dinner/drinks wake up feeling like crap, miss your workout and your trainer billed you $75 for the missed session...Finally, Enough with the myth that you have to wake up at 4am to fit fitness into your “busy” schedule...Find the time that works for you. Lunch can be an option, 30 Mins after work can be an option. You don’t need nearly as much time as you think. You just need consistency and discipline. - hence the calendar (and don’t move this shit bc “something more important came up” what’s more important than your long term health?

4. Buy a kick ass white T-shirt and Levi’s 501 jeans. Both one size smaller than you are right now. That’s the outfit you want to look good in. If you don’t, there’s nothing else in your current closet thats gonna help you so save your money...Work on your body (and your mind!) There’s a reason pretty much every cover of men’s health magazine is a guy wearing T-shirt and jeans. Fit into it. That’s your goal.

5. Nutrition - Notice I didn’t say diet. I can’t stand the word diet. Diet is temporary. Nutrition is a lifestyle. I get my breakfasts/lunches from Rachel @flavor2fitness - find whatever works for you. You can meal prep yourself or find someone. Don’t leave this to chance or trying to go out to eat daily and “be good”...more than likely you’ll spend more and eat worse. Dinners I have at home. I don’t meet clients for drinks/dinner. I meet them for coffee/smoothie or to workout or at my or their office (you’d be surprised how many clients appreciate it when they come to my office and I give them a pre-prepared healthy meal and we talk business...they then ask for rachel’s #)

6. Ditch the drinking - not saying quit and make a life changing decision overnight. I’m just saying that just like the difference between “diet and nutrition”. “Drinking or not drinking” doesn’t have to be a All or nothing. Think lifestyle. My life has improved drastically by cutting back/off on the drinking. My rule of thumb now is that I don’t drink when I go out. I will have a drink at home. I have a tendency to drink fast, order more, spend more and “keep up” when I’m out...none of this was working for, in a controlled environment like my home, I can have a drink, cook/eat dinner, check my calendar to remind myself I’ve got a workout in the morning and keep it under control. Read BETTER THAN THE BINGE by my friend Adam Lamb if you want to know more. Life changing book!

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