Realizing You Need A Coach

There is no person that has been as effective an influence in my life over the past year than Chris Bernal. For years I resisted the notion of therapy or life coaching as from the outside looking in at least; things seemed to be going “pretty well”. My perception was that something had to be “wrong” in order to seek help or improvement. And maybe “wrong” isn’t the “right” term but certainly there were many areas I could use some help and improvement and thru a trusted friend Chris and I were connected and began working together. Chris is the President of Effective Systems Consulting - he has worked with CEO’s and executives across the country looking to maximize performance thru the application of behavioral science. Over the past year Chris has helped me to discover who I am, how I am being perceived, how I want to be perceived and what action steps and disciplines I need to take in order to achieve the life results I'm looking for. It is a constant work in progress and certainly easier not to put in the work. At times it's painful and discovering and revealing the anxiety ridden truths about yourself is not fun and I'd rather just put 'em up on a shelf and ignore the issues...But I've found that just like working out your body, exercising your mind provides the same release, satisfaction and ultimately positive results. The exercises are difficult and they take practice, repetition and discipline and that's what makes it worth it. I'm back in school to an extent, Chris recommends books, articles, podcasts to read and listen to and we discuss them. He asks me lots of questions that force me to look within. But mostly, he listens and having someone who listens to you without judgement, prejudice or assumption is refreshing. He has nothing to lose or gain by agreeing or disagreeing with me. We're simply there to learn and grow. If you want to learn more about Chris, his thoughts and perspectives check out the podcast we did together on my podcast page.

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