Picture This. How To See A Better Version of Yourself

Yeah, guilty as charged...I post a bunch of pictures with my shirt off and working out.

If it inspires even just one person to take better care of themselves then it’s worth it.

For me, posting pictures and engaging with other executive athletes and guys that are still “Gettin’ it done” holds me accountable publicly and privately.

Pictures serve as a form of motivation, inspiration and self expression...It’s not about looking good, showing off or that I'm an egotistical douche bag (although that's possible, but I've been working hard to get past all that...) but rather to remind myself about what’s important; that it’s about working towards being the best version of myself that I can be. It’s about reinforcing that this is the condition I intend to stay in. Moving well, having energy, being able to perform at a high level and being healthy is awesome. Honestly, the aesthetics are just a bonus.

Last week I got a call from a client and friend. He told me that he was preparing for his son’s bar mitzvah and went to look at some pictures from his daughters bat mitzvah a few years earlier and he couldn’t believe what he looked like. How he’d let himself go. It was a tipping point for him. Sometimes that’s all it takes. A picture. The right time and moment when you’re ready to take a good hard look at yourself. He made a commitment to change his lifestyle, reclaim his health and become a better version of himself for this upcoming special occasion. 30lbs later he’s a new man. Energized, confident, motivated. And it translates into all aspects of life. Nobody can make you do it. You just have to want it. Welcome to the club buddy.

If you’re not in the condition you want to be in, then take that picture of yourself too! You don’t have to post it on social media - just stick it on your mirror or someplace where you can see it. Keep taking pictures of yourself and documenting your progress. Think you’ll wanna go back to the “old you” once “new you” has arrived?

Now imagine if we can take it even further and apply the same principle to other areas of our lives as well? Write down all of our life goals and snapshot them. Take a picture of your bank statement, credit card bill, the house you want to live in, car you want to drive, college your kids want to go to, places you want to visit, whatever...Then apply consistency, discipline, execution and a positive attitude to becoming a better husband, father, provider, person...Chances are you’re already doing this successfully in some aspect of your life. Now do it in all of them. We all have room for improvement. The best simply get up, show up and outwork the rest.

My father passed away at 47. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about that - That’s just two years away for me...I have no intention of slowing down or to stop playing and competing anytime soon. So the sweat, nutrition, sleep, sacrifice, recovery, time, money is all worth it to me. You either get the lifestyle or you don’t. For us like minded guys, it’s in our DNA.

This does not undervalue the time that must be spent on business and finance - but rather to place emphasis on balance and becoming your most authentic self. It all needs to be in alignment.

Age is just a number. It doesn’t matter where or at what stage in life you’re at right now. Midlife doesn't mean crisis.  It should be the time to live our best and brightest lives. You can start anytime. Take the first step.

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