Perfectly Imperfect

I've written a bunch about routine; morning routine, training routine, recovery routine, work/life balance routine...Which in essence could come off like I'm trying to find the "Perfect" routine and then keep repeating it...The problem with all this routine is that there is no perfect and routine in general is boring. And whatever may be "Perfect" at one point in time, ain't gonna last that long in real life... I'm just looking for things that work and that I enjoy and when then stop working or stop being fun, then adapt, evolve and continue to move forward in an alternate direction. It's the opposite of feeling any pressure to be perfect or to be committed to any particular routine. Don't mistake this for lack of discipline, that's a different subject altogether and for a different time.

I read this great piece on Medium earlier (link below to the full article) and in particular this stuck out "Life is always more out of our control than we would like it to be. The perfect day is like that distant relative that, once or twice a year, shows up with presents and stories of exciting overseas adventures — despite our wishes, she only visits us on occasion, at random times, and never stays for as long as we would like her to." Where I'm going with this is that if you allow yourself the personal freedom, then you can find perfect all around you and having the right mindset can lead to more "close to perfect" days, exchanges, experiences, interactions, meals, deals, workouts, sex and relationships.

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