Nothing About "This" Is Bringing Me Closer To Achieving My Goals...5 Tips To Help You Get Unstuck

This is a tough one to come to terms with and an even tougher one to do something about.

Similar to finding your "Why", your "This" or sometimes even your "These" are personal and often known only to you.

The things you know you shouldn't be doing, the people you know you shouldn't be seeing, the foods you know you shouldn't be eating, the places you know you shouldn't be going....

Perhaps its the group of "friends" you've been hanging around for years, yet you know are holding you back.

Family members whose level of toxicity causes you pain and anxiety.

You work in restaurant that makes/serves nothing but unhealthy foods yet you're desperately trying to change your lifestyle.

It could be a long list or a short one...

You've set new goals, are changing as a person, growing, striving and challenging yourself but you're still doing the same things with the same people going to the same places and expecting different results. There's a word for this...Failure.

Similar to finding your "Why", your "This" or sometimes even your "These" are personal and often known only to you.

Hey, I still do it too...Albeit, less than I use to, but I still come out of a meeting, an event or something I "needed" to do for that person who constantly asks (we all have that guy...) and I'm like "Never again...Why in the world did I say yes to that".

Change is hard.

Saying No is difficult.

Sticking to your plan is a bitch some times.

Establishing boundaries and personal space may not feel natural.

It's uncomfortable to get uncomfortable.

But the alternative is worse.

To break the cycle you've got to reduce or eliminate what's holding you back. You've got to untether that enormous weight you've been carrying around so that you can move forward, faster.

Here are Five tips to help you get unstuck...

1. Give up the ‘all or nothing’ attitude:

Don't think of your changes or progress as all or nothing (unless it's drugs or some shit like that we're talking about) but if it's those "friends" or "foods", just set a suspense for a cheat day every once in a while. Over time, you'll most likely come to the realization that you're desire to cheat is waning....

2. Let it Go

Stuff happens to everybody and everyone you meet is fighting their own personal battles. The worst thing you can do is not let it go. By not letting go of the past, our lives become increasingly more difficult. Some things are not in our control, don’t let that consume you from achieving your goals. Remember, most people aren't thinking about you at all, they're too busy thinking about themselves.

3. Write It Down

Write down what you want to do, where, with whom, how, etc...Then, and this is the important part so pay attention...Refer to it BEFORE you respond to any requests, emails, calls or conversations that could derail you. It's easy to write down goals. Write down your "Outs" too. Keep a list of responses to politely and respectfully get you out of doing the things and saying yes to the things that will keep you from reaching your goals.

4. Surround yourself with good people

If you surround yourself with people that are smart, go-getters, passionate about what they do, then those qualities will rub off on you. Take the time to audit your group of friends, your co-workers and work environment, and even your family. If these people are not contributing to your life in a healthy, positive way, reconsider how much time you spend with them.

5. Exercise

A common thread between great minds is exercise.

Whether it’s a sport, going to the gym, or even taking a brisk walk through the park, being in tune with your body will help you get through the mental marathons required to produce great work.

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