Money, Passion or Both?

If you have a job you love then you never have to work a day in your life.

Is there really anything that you can be so passionate about that it doesn’t feel like work after you’ve been doing it a while?

I spent the past few days at the Natural Foods Show in Anaheim. I insure several of the companies that were there and am always looking for new clients, prospects and ideas. I like to eat, drink and workout...So I've chosen to focus on insuring those types of brands, businesses and entrepreneurs. That feels more “right” to me to be able to combine my personal passions and experiences with my professional expertise. Took me a while to figure that out...In fact, still figuring it out...

I saw all these brands and people at the show; repping the brands, creating the brands, selling the brands, working the brands...Some were worth millions of dollars, others not making a dime....I saw really young, naive, energetic entrepreneurs and I saw a guy with a walker still repping product even though it must’ve taken him 2hrs just to get in/out of the convention center each day....

How do you choose what you're going to do? Is it money or passion that drives you? Or does it really come down to simply “I choose to do “this” so that I can afford to do “this”? Meaning, did you pick a career path for the upside of money so that you can have a huge house or take fancy vacations or did you follow your passion regardless of the financial "upside"? Whatever your own personal “this” may be...Wherever and whatever you decided to place your bet...Does it really matter what you choose to do so much that you just do it well? More than what you do, it’s how you do it that matters towards success.

Whether it’s insurance sales, garbageman, CPG manufacturer...As I walked thru aisle after aisle of products at the show (seriously, how many protein, cbd, mct and butter coffee brands can their be...) It became all about the people, not the product. Who stood out, not simply what stood out. Nothing “sells itself”. It’s WHO do you want to buy from; who do you want to work with.

People remember how you make them feel more than anything. Are you nice? Are you an expert? Are you both? It goes beyond the marketing, packaging, look, feel, style over substance (or not) to cut thru the clutter, make a statement, find your audience, connect with people...

Fuck there are hundreds of thousands of agents out there that sell Hartford or Hanover Insurance I could easily just be a “number”...Just like the hundreds of bags of chips being sold at Expo West...What you strive for is the opportunity to differentiate yourself; how you differentiate yourself and have people want to work with you and be with you because you offer something special something beyond the commodity. Maybe you have a specialty, maybe it’s that we both enjoy fitness, maybe it’s that we both like to eat and drink certain foods at certain places at certain times and it connects us. Maybe it’s that you like my blog or the podcast. The further I get along in life the more I realize that it is the value of relationships and being authentic that really drive true success and happiness.

I’ve never really been motivated by money. However, money really does make a difference....It won't buy happiness if you’re unhappy but I do believe that if you’re already pretty happy, damn does it help...I don't have a problem that another 500k a year couldn’t solve...Sorry if that sounds kinda shitty but....If I had a guaranteed revenue stream or someone said here’s how much money I’m going to give you per year guaranteed and the only stipulation is that you can't work again...How much would that be for you? And what would you do from then on? Could you do it? Do you live to work or work to live? If you had enough money, would you still “work” or follow your passion? Are the two mutually exclusive? Theoretically and realistically? Or do outside factors alter/enter both over time so that the lines blur even further? Family, finances, logistics, geography, etc...

I think a lot about one hit wonders? They catch shit for not writing a follow up hit song.  In business, I’ve heard entrepreneurs say that “you only have to be right once”. And that's true...I don't knock the one hit wonder, in fact I kinda respect someone who has a hit, makes their money, takes their chips off the table and moves on with their life....Start a company, sell a company, live a life....How fortunate....Notice I didn’t say lucky- I don't think its luck - saying its luck, devalues the hard work I or anybody else puts in everyday; the “lucky” have worked their asses off...There are no overnight successes.

And no...I'm not moving to a van down by the ocean...

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