Less HOW More WHY

The notion that you have to find your “why” and have purpose and passion before you can succeed may be holding you back. ⁣

While you’re busy trying to find your “why”, life is

busy passing you by. ⁣ Its not waiting.

Most of us don’t know our “why”. We’re not on a straight path to what we really want to do, who we really want to be and where we’re trying to go.

If you’re one of those guys who always wanted to be a doctor or save the whales, good for you. Maybe your life’s a little more linear. ⁣

For the rest of us though navigating thru life is a constant and tremendous whirlwind of uncertainty, consisting of curves, twists, ups, downs, bumps and pivots. And that’s the good part!

Quite frankly, you may never find your true “why”. And that’s OK too!

In the meantime, get over it and get on with it. There’s a lot of living to do.

Instead of focusing on “why”, commit to learning “how”.⁣

How do I create positive opportunities?⁣

How do I develop a network?⁣

How do I build a career?⁣

How do I make the money I want?⁣

How do I meet the right woman (or man) and have a partner?⁣

How do I become a good father?⁣

How do I nurture relationships and friendships?

How do I stay/get in shape?⁣

How do I eat right?⁣

How do I communicate?

How do I solve “this” problem?

How do I balance it all?⁣

How do I live happily? ⁣

Consider the differences between how and why. ⁣

WHY indicates curiosity, inquisitiveness, questioning tone, a strong desire to delve deeper. ⁣

HOW indicates the urge to know the technique, the method, the way or the steps of doing something.⁣

Both are important. Yesterday one of my friends and past MidlifeMale Podcast Guests, Joel "Thor" Neeb sent me this Japanese proverb which states: “Vision without action is daydreaming, but action without vision is nightmare.”

If you’re struggling with finding your why, try shifting your mindset to learning how.

When you learn how to do things and how things work, you may end up finding your why after all. ⁣

If you don’t know how to start, who to ask, where to go, have a mentor or a coach or just have a question, hit me up.

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