I’m In A Tent

It’s 5am, I’m in a tent in Oneonta, NY and I just woke up to the sounds of pouring rain, thunder and an incredibly beautiful lightning storm...Damn, I realized that I left my hiking shoes outside the tent so those are soaked...More importantly, the battery operated coffee grinder I brought, turned out to not be battery operated and there’s obviously no place to plug it in out here on this mountain so I’m staring at my bag of gourmet coffee beans and French Press and thinking....What the fuck?

The geese are honking...I just saw a deer, I’m trying to remember the instructions Patrick, the farm owner told me about how to start the ATV by using the choke and its cold so I’m thinking about making a fire...I’m also thinking that I just dont want to move right now and that this queen size bed they put in this tent is seriously comfortable and that I should just lay here, do nothing and everything is just fine...The air here is amazingly crisp with no humidity and each breath I take feels clean. I like glamping.

I really need that coffee though...

It‘s roughly a mile down, which means its roughly the same back up so now I’m thinking I can hike the coffee grinder and beans down to the barn, use the outlet to Power and grind the beans and then hike back up and that’ll be a solid morning workout as well...But, my shoes are wet...So, what’s the man move here? Suck it up, put on the wet shoes and just do it? Take the ATV instead and wear flip flops? Just stay here in bed and do nothing? We’re talking really good gourmet coffee here...

I’m procrastinating...Let’s shift gears. Last week I fumbled a few things. So I tried to go back and replay what I did, where I went wrong and come up with some steps I could take to improve.

Here’s what I came up with:

Check email 2x per day: morning and late afternoon (not every 6 seconds it seems...)

Always ask myself “Does this require a response”? “Can someone else handle it?”

Do not text anything of importance. Call

In fact, call way more often than text or email...When you call, leave name, number and nothing more. No long, rambling messages.

Most problems come from the above and are self created...Let things play out rather than pushing, forcing and over doing....Too many ways to create stress, win the battle and lose war.

We tend to expect instant response, we don’t get email back right alway then we text, text doesn’t get response immediately, then we call, we leave a message (nobody answers anymore) and don’t get call back so we repeat the process...

I’m doing all of this for me. The closure I want. Then invariably I start making up all the stories in my head about “why” this must be happening...And none of them are true...When in doubt, don’t do it. Stop, breathe, invoke 24hr rule...Then respond; and only if necessary.

Lead with confidence and facts. Allow time to support you, not add more pressure.

And when you have some of this new found time, use it to get better in the F’s

Family, fitness, faith, finances, friends...

Alright, 5:36a now....I’m gonna solve this coffee conundrum one way or another...

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