I Got Nothin’ For Ya...

Some weeks the magic, the motivation the spark just ain’t there.

No gold nuggets or pearls of wisdom.

No deep soul revealing sage advice.

I’m tired, frustrated, overwhelmed by some things and underwhelmed by others.

Despite the fact that I know I’ve got it pretty damn good, I still struggle with being happy, content and patient.

Fact is, most things, people and circumstances still bother me...A lot.

I am doing my best to live life as a constant work in progress anchored by a commitment to improvement and to chasing total life wellness.

And you know what? It’s hard.

Really fucking hard sometimes.

Four round trip carpools today with the absolute worst logistical planning any parent could possibly come up with sent me into a tirade.

We’re coming off of two restless kids because school was closed due to Imelda which also reinforces my belief that the more you pay for school, the less they go.

I barely ate breakfast. Missed my Epsom salt bath, body is super sore and a dozen clients have claims.

None of my new business prospects have answered emails or calls in 24hrs.

The AC unit at my house is clogged up and that cost a few hundred to fix. Two hours after the repair guy left, it’s leaking again.

Ants…We’ve got ants. Exterminator cost a few hundred as well.

Even one of the stones in Kate’s wedding ring popped out.

I’ve got a podcast to record with Tony Buzbee who’s running for mayor and need to get some research done so I don’t sound like an idiot…UPDATE: I didn’t get it done and just winged it.

Hopefully, I don’t come off like an idiot, but I really won’t know for sure because I don’t listen to my own show because I can’t stand hearing myself (I’m working on that too.)

Forgot to renew my own insurance; home, car, umbrella and now I’m on hold for 27mins to get it paid up.


Signed my first #MidlifeMale consulting deal. Scary and happy at the same time. Now I have to fufill what I promised so that’ll stress me out for the next week or two.

Worked out with my boys. Best hour of my week. If it wasn’t for them I would’ve not done it or sandbagged it...

Had family dinner at Houston’s; uttered the phrase “Boys, put your phones away” no less that 6 times and in bed by 9pm exhausted and full.

So for a guy who’s mission is to help men navigate middle age and achieve a better quality of life, I’m essentially a whiny little bitch this week.

And that’s life.

Not every song I write will be a hit.

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