I Did Very Little Yesterday...And That's OK.

If you're like me, you're probably getting battered right about now with emails, posts, texts, calls etc. all pushing something...An offer, an opportunity, a resolution, a time to change...It can be a bit overwhelming and quite frankly...Unnecessary.

You know what I did yesterday? Very little...I didn’t even get the blog done...And you know what? That's OK. In fact one of my “resolutions” is to do less. I do not have to be busy every moment of the day. I don't need to "change"...I do need to improve.

I’m not sure when or where the pressure to do more, hustle, grind, compete, spread ourselves too thin, keep up, be perfect all came from but I think there’s a real benefit to tuning a lot of it out and get back to thinking small. Even my resolutions are small; and I don’t mean “small” in a negative way, or even in a “small” way. Actually, just the opposite.

Thinking and acting a littler “smaller” is about focusing on doing a little better each day. Taking it one meal at a time, one workout, one client, one payment, one meeting...And enjoying and appreciating it all a bit more.

My focus is to make a conscious effort to be more disciplined in areas where I am weak and have struggled. To be more strategic, authentic, consistent and committed to achieving the goals I’ve set without pressing, without obsessing and with less anxiety. To let things come and to let them go. Make a plan, work the plan. Tune out some of the noise and really try to minimize distractions. Easier said then done...

One of the lessons I re-learned during ‘18; which was a year filled with both failure and success; and I’ve come to realize that every year is this way, is that life does always go on.

It’s cliche but it’s true.

Time is the one thing you can’t make more of. I certainly know from experience that I can create more problems for myself, more commitments and even more opportunities...I can make more of a lot of things, even money but I just can’t make more time. So I've taken some of my time back and I've worked to make each day more of my own by dialing in on what’s truly important.

I'm excited for the year ahead. Mostly because I feel these "small" efforts are leading to big improvements in quality of life.

Be OK with agreeing to disagree with people. Be OK with saying no. Be OK with changing, evolving, growing and be OK with others doing the same. There will be relationships that come and some that will go; both personally and professionally. There are habits and patterns that I’ve developed over time that need adjusting, some even that need to be broken and new ones that need to be nurtured and fostered so that I can get where I want to go.

I don’t want to call these resolutions but rather a list of “small” reminders to refer to when I need to get back on track throughout the year.

Practice and Follow The Four Agreements - they work.

You can control your time and money. Don’t worry about the shit you have no control over.

Stick to the budget, automate it and the rest falls into place.

Write it down. All of it. Goals, finances, things to do, ideas, issues...then work it.

Practice more self care - yoga, meditation, breath work, sauna (even just 10 mins a day)

Don’t train thru pain. Train around it.

Put the phone down. Yes, down....

Make time to do nothing. It’s OK.

Actually talk to Kate, Auden and Harper everyday.

Don’t get worked up about “it”. Whatever “it” is. There will always be an “it”. Don’t let “it” get to you. Just work thru it.

Ask “Do I need this?" meal, workout, clothing, client, activity, person...If not, move on. If yes, make it happen.

Nobody is really thinking that much about you. Just do YOU.

Keep moving forward. Yes, it really is that simple.

Cut yourself some slack. Things are good.

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