How do you like to work?

How do you like to work?

With what we're faced with right now it's become a much talked about topic.

I like to work in places that motivate, inspire and foster productivity and creativity.

I also need an environment that settles me and helps to keep my anxiety, stress and temperament balanced.

For me that’s at home, a gym, restaurant or being in the outdoors is where I feel my best.

When I’m feel my best, I can deliver my best for my clients, colleagues, friends and family.

Environment plays a big role in performance and I’m most productive when I’m comfortable and confident.

I’m not an office guy. Never have been. Makes me very uncomfortable. Getting dressed up, sitting at a desk, water cooler conversations...Never been my thing.

I’m still a professional. Still in a professional service business and still working with and serving professionals. Even better now. You can do business anywhere, anytime. Whatever your interests are, whatever you are passionate about, whatever your vocation is; there are like-minded people out there pursuing those same passions, those same hobbies, working in those same industries and you can find them on your terms, in the right places, at the right times and genuinely connect and create opportunity.

Have you given thought to how you like to work, where you like to work and what you like to work on?

Have you created an environment for yourself in which you can be productive, profitable and efficient?

The rules have changed. In fact, there are no rules anymore.

Last week I was talking to one of my buddies; a very successful weight loss specialist and surgeon and he was saying he does his best work and his best thinking in the shower.

Maybe it’s something about water…I don't know but I do a lot of my best thinking in the shower, ice bath and in water as well.

Thursday I took my paddleboard out to Galveston and actually worked, literally, on the water. Put my phone in the amazing Joto waterproof phone case and didn’t miss a beat. Even took a call from an attorney I’m working with for a mutual client. This call could have easily gone awry and probably would have been a lot more tempestuous and adversarial had I been sitting in my office, dressed up, thinking and acting “corporate” and trying to be something I’m not. But instead we had a very relaxed conversation and made real progress.

Sara Blakely who founded Spanx I read the other day that she does her best thinking in the car so she actually extends her office commute by driving around longer so she can be by herself and get her thoughts and ideas down before she gets to her office.

I tend to take most of my calls in my car or while walking. I meet and invite clients and prospects for workouts, walks or breakfast. Rarely lunch and almost never dinner.

I enjoy being casual at home, having my laptop open, planning and executing my day.

I like being able to get up and snack in between tasks.

When I get stressed, frustrated or anxiety starts to creep in, I can easily get a quick little stretch, walk or exercise in and come back refocused.

I find I’m less argumentative, less easily annoyed. There's not the same interoffice bullshit, politics and optics to deal with. Everybody is different and there is no one right way. Only a right way for you.

However you prefer to work, lead by example, prove that you can perform in this environment and in the environment that you have created for yourself and be counted on, trusted and results oriented and you’ll be of real value to others.

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