How Are You Going To Handle This?

I’m either going to be 150lbs from overtraining or 250lbs from overeating when this virus quarantine is over...

All I know is that I cannot possibly workout as much as Kate is baking so I’m pretty much fucked…

We got a puppy. Figured the most responsible thing I could possibly do in a time of unprecedented global uncertainty and challenge is to add another member to our family and mouth to feed. Roxy the Labradoodle has joined Riley the Shichon and the struggle for dominance has just begun. She’s very cute. We’d been wanting another dog for a while now, when I say “we” I mean the boys and I. Kate, not so much. We’re also more “adopt don’t shop” people so the plan was originally for me to take the boys down to spca or a rescue group, adopt a dog and then come home and ask/beg for forgiveness rather than permission (I’m not saying this is a great plan nor recommending it to you guys to try…)

However, there’s an amazing family in our neighborhood she’s a teacher at my kids former school, her husband is a veterinarian and they have a lab and a poodle and next thing you know they have 10 puppies, then down to 8, 4 and then there were just two left. Kate agreed to “look” and seriously once you go “look” at puppies, you’re pretty much done. We’re fortunate we didn’t leave with two…

At a time like this, I see the positive. We are all home together. That never happens…I hope it never does again for something like this. But, we’re going to enjoy it and make the most of it. We have additional time to train the pup, take walks and embrace the emotional support an unconditional love a pet brings into the house. This also may just keep us from killing one another…Or maybe not…Remains to be seen.

So what else do we do now?

If this Social Distancing thing is new to you (of course it is…) I think I can help a bit as I kinda live like this anyway…My routine really doesn’t change all that much.

I will still wake up @6 even though our office is closed. I prefer and have always had the ability to work remotely anyway. I take my Epsom salt bath, I meditate, I write my plan/intention for the day. I have my coffee. I email and leave messages for clients and colleagues.

The most disruptive aspect of this is not having the restaurants and fitness studios and gyms open. Neither of these is an excuse to not eat well and stay fit. Nor are either of these “inconveniences” comparable to what many in the world are really dealing with right now and for the forseeable future. What affects me most is that my friends, clients and industries that I love are being hurt and devastated and that I wish there was more that I could do, give, say or fight to help them.

Otherwise life is relatively the same. For now. What I'm doing most of is making sure that I'm in contact with my clients, helping my friends and the industry in any way shape or form I can, supporting our colleagues, spending as much time as I can with my family and maintaining my health, balance and sanity. I'm making some killer playlists. I'm practicing guitar. Training the new pup. I am recording several new podcasts, pushing the Midlife Male brand forward, along with the products, companies and brands that I'm working with and supporting. I'm trying my best to keep every restaurant, consumer products goods, hospitality related company in business and surviving so that we can turn this thing around and ultimately thrive again.

Most importantly controlling what I can control.

From what I understand we don't have a supply chain problem. Right now, we have a bit of a logistics problem. People are panicking and racing and rushing to stores emptying shelves.

We have plenty of supply and inventory so the stores and shippers and restockers (if that’s a word) just need a little extra time, or they'll close down for a little while, so that they can restock. I’m not hoarding anything.

Hopefully this will get better before it gets worse. Realistically, it will get worse before it gets better. but we will persevere. We always do. From crisis, turmoil and pandemic comes opportunity as well. This time will be no different. We will find a way. We always do.

There has never been a better time to eat well, train well, have quality family time and do good work for good people.

Restaurant kitchens are open and chefs are cranking out amazing food. I’d make the argument even better food because they care, they’re cooking out of love, passion, survival and for their team and customers.

Having to eat at home “forces” us to all sit together and actually talk. There’s a lot going on right now, talk about it with your kids, reconnect, laugh and be ok with slowing down.

There are more workouts, fitness challenges and free online health content than ever. It’s awesome to see the generosity of the health and wellness community.

There is always opportunity during challenging times. Businesses need professionals. They need solid advice, services, action plans and products that will help them right now and in the future. Call them. Offer what you have. Be a resource, advocate, friend and of value.

I’m not so much analyzing businesses right now as people.

Who’s rising up? Who has the right attitude? Who’s a team player? Who’s a blamer and a complainer and who just gets to work and solves problems?

Draw a line down the center of the page and when this shit’s over go back and see who’s on which side.

No doubt these are unprecedented and uncertain times and we are being challenged and tested like never before. When our lives return to “normal” the world and the way we look at things will be different.

Who’s going to make it?

I believe it’s those who are likeable.

Those who are helpful.

Those who are generous.

Those who are positive.

Those who are grateful.

Those who are supportive.

Those who are accountable.

Those who put others before themselves.

Those who are creative.

Those who are resourceful.

Those who are powerful.

Those who are fit.

Those who have character.

Those who are spiritual.

Those who smile.

Those who serve.

Those who maintain discipline.

Those with loyalty.

Those who have developed a culture.

Those who have earned respect.

Those who love.

No pity parties here.

Get up, get dressed, get to work.

The only easy day was yesterday.

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