Home Field Advantage Is Gone

The home field advantage is gone.


is no longer the determining factor of whether you can or cannot do business with somebody.

There's always opportunity in crisis. You can sit at home and wallow in what you can’t do or you can get creative and capitalize.

During this crisis my business has gone national. Over the last few years I've worked on transforming my business model, transcending the commodity of the insurance business and building my personal brand by utilizing creative outlets like my podcast, blog, social media, philanthropic ventures, athletic challenges and travel. I’ve sought out opportunities to be of value to likeminded people with similar goals and to combine my personal passions with professional expertise. And now, with COVID there’s actually more business and connections that can be made, anywhere, any place, anytime.

The doors are wide open. You can look the way you want, act the way you want, connect virtually, digitally and when necessary even in person.

If you’re looking for more ideas from creative thought leaders who are far smarter than I am, check out the ONE For TEN Series I’ve been doing each week on @Insgroupinc IGTV. I’ve had some incredible guests like Steve Babcock; Former COO at Vayner Media, Taylor Bennett of MESH Creative and others.

What it all comes down to is capability, authenticity and ability. We're humanizing all of the processes. No longer do you have to show up in the starched, uncomfortable shirt; in the outfit you don't want to wear, to the place you don't necessarily want to go, at the time you don't want to be there only to be told to wait or to come back or to have your call not taken.

It's incredible to see what's happening when people schedule a zoom call these days. They actually get on the call and stick to the agenda.

There is a greater respect for time, connection and referral than ever before.

I'm going to share with you a letter that I put together and sent out to a list I've been compiling of around 100 men; predominantly midlife males that I know from the podcast, through business, fitness and personal relationships and it’s about connection thru mutual connection and how to funnel down those connections to the most genuine, the most beneficial, the most efficient way to help us all go from point A to point B whether you’re selling sunglasses, coffee or insurance. It always comes back to who and how.

Who do you know that can help me and how can I connect with them?

Utilizing you network if you already have one or building your network if you’re on the way up is the way business and relationships are going to thrive.

We want to know what to do, who to use, where to turn. How to make our lives easier, better, faster, cheaper, happier, healthier, more productive, more profitable. Give us back our time, extend our runway, help us to survive, see us through until we thrive again. Cut to the chase. When I get those types of recommendations and that advice from somebody that I know and trust, it saves me an inordinate amount of time, stress, anxiety, research and comparison.

“Hey, I know you and trust you. Tell me what to do here”.

It’s like going to the very best doctor out there. Just give me the treatment plan and I'll follow it.

Focus on building your network, focus on being authentic, focus on connecting with one new person every day, and asking someone you know to connect you to one new person every day, climb the ladder.

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