Hit The Reset Button

Hit the reset button.

It's all about the experience.

If you're not able to provide the experience that I want, or that I'm used to, then I’m going to find alternatives that do.

This is going to be a positive for a lot of concepts, create new businesses and opportunities and yes the harsh reality is that that's going to hurt and negatively impact a lot of businesses as well.

Thats the world we're in right now.

That’s the reality we're living.

Until that changes, if it ever changes, we're going to have to make decisions based upon the quality of life we want to have and can accept. There is both good and bad in that.

These are very personal and very deep choices...But it's where we are.

Maybe you're fine going into a restaurant at 25% capacity and being served by people with gloves and masks. Maybe you prefer take out or even cooking at home more now.

Maybe you're fine going into a fitness class, and only being able to use every third bike. Maybe you prefer working out at home, online or having a trainer come over.

But if you're not fine, that is still your choice.

And if you’re not fine with the "new normal" then you’re going to look to fill that void some other way and make change. That's how it works.

You have to think for yourself. You have to act for yourself.

Ultimately the greater good will prevail. People vote with their wallets. They vote with their hearts and emotions. They vote for what’s best for them and their family.

There's no way around that. No matter how much loyalty you have or want to have there's only so much resolve, time, energy, and money you can put into something that is not working for you or your family.

If we really are about freedom of choice, resolve, grit, perseverance and survival then we should be allowed to make up our own minds, be allowed to do what we want to do and take our shot.

If you want to go to the gym when it reopens. GO! Want to go to the restaurant. GO! But own your decision and be accountable for it.

Unfortunately, there is collateral damage. Yes, it's a very bad virus. We experience, lots of bad things constantly.

People die of cancer every year and we've yet to find a cure. Obesity kills hundreds of thousands if not millions, every year. Yet we tolerate it.

Smoking kills millions of people as does alcoholism, yet will still sell cigarettes and booze.

What else kills tons of people in the world every year? Hunger. What is the solution to hunger? Food! And we have plenty of it. What do we do about it? Nothing. We don't send the food to the people that are hungry even though we can. And we've come to accept that.

Thousands die in car accidents yet we don’t prohibit driving.

I want great food cooked by great people who run great businesses that I want to support. Doesn't matter to me whether it’s delivered IN a restaurant or to my house.

BUT, if it's going to be in a restaurant, that restaurant should be open to everyone. I want it to be the way it used to be. I want it to be the way the owners and operators want to run THEIR restaurants. I don't want it served up with gloves and surgical masks on that make me feel like I'm in a hospital or that I’m at risk. It’s not enjoyable. It’s not an experience that makes me feel good. I’d rather take out, sit in my backyard with my family or a couple of friends and have a more relaxed and pleasurable experience. If I can’t go to the restaurant the way I want to, then the restaurant is coming to me. I’m hiring the chef to come over and cook.

I want great products, created by great entrepreneurs that are essential in my life. I want them delivered to my doorstep. I curate what I use, what I wear and what I need. I don't know if I ever need to go back into a grocery store or certain places ever again.

This experience has freed up time and energy, created clarity and opportunity.

It has stopped indiscriminate spending on non quality items and impulse purchases. It has enabled me to optimize and navigate life in ways that I could not do before. It places an emphasis on quality over quantity in all aspects of our existence. It’s been a hard reset.

These are not pivots.

These are fundamental changes to experiences and business models. And in many cases, they simply don’t work for the owner, the employee and the consumer. In new and alternate cases, they work quite well. There’s winners and losers always.

It’s time to let us get back to work and life. How we want, when we want and where we want.

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