Got Goals?

Got goals? We all do...Want to accomplish your goals? We all do. Know how to accomplish your goals and what steps to take? That's where it get's dicey...I don't profess to have the answers BUT here are some things that have been working....

Write your goals down.

Put them out there.

Goals need to be seen/heard and force you to be accountable.

Post them where you can see them/refer to them everyday!

Get a coach. Find someone or someone(s) to help keep you accountable.Could be a person at work, a trainer at the gym, financial advisor, nutritionist OR even use social media!

Everything goes on the calendar! Workouts, meetings, calls you need to make, free time, date night, taking the kids to school...If it ain't on the calendar, it doesn't exist.

Hit the reset button every once in a while - resets are uncomfortable but take a step back, look at what's getting in your way and fix it.

Cleanse. Clean the garage, get rid of old clothes, buy a new pillow to sleep better, toss/donate the junk food and crap you no loner need/use.

Realize that you cannot do it all and cannot have balance everyday. Spread it out. Sometimes work will take priority, other days you’ll have more time for exercise. Some weeks it’ll be hard to take the kids to school...But focus and challenge yourself to achieve better balance overall. Weekly, monthly and ultimately annually.

Don't jump ahead! Take it one day at a time and be realistic. If you don’t go to the gym now, don’t start taking 7 classes a week as of January 1st. If you're not making a million dollars a year, don't think you can just double your income overnight. If you're not eating well, start with one or two good meals a week and small cutbacks. It's a process and a lifestyle. Not a quick fix.

Here are my goals - some are from last year to see where I succeeded and where I failed. Other's are for this year and where I'd like to move forward and focus. I find that putting them out there really helps motivate me to get things done.

Launch MidLife Male website, podcast & blog and release content weekly -

Develop  Personal brand around who I am, what I do and how I can add value, motivate, inspire, deepen relationships and meet new, like minded guys.

  Set up morning workouts/breakfast with clients/prospects 2x per week

  • Write 200k-300k in NB revenue & retain 90+% current clients by doing:

  • Grow Private Client Group business by 20% - We do High End Personal Insurance better than anyone out there! 

  • Focus on areas of passion and expertise: If you can eat it, drink it, workout with it...Then I can insure it!  

  • Vitality Life Insurance product aligns perfectly with my demo - Introduce it to healthy/like minded people!!!

  • ASK current clients to refer to their contemporaries - SAY THANK YOU!!!

  • Purchase more stock in Insgroup 

Focus on QUALITY clients/relationships over quantity (Work with the top 10% of the market, don’t swim with the other 90%) 

Set up operating company for tax benefits and automate setting aside money so I don't have to think/stress about it.

Lock down monthly budget and stick to it!

Plan trips for weekends and year - 29029 climb, XPT and D10, Kate's 50th! Experiences over things!

Make small quality home improvements - lighting, mattress, patio, art - bigger isn’t better. Better is better! 

Have goals meeting with boys and Kate to help figure out our priorities and what’s important - camp, sports, education, travel, money... So that we can be better as a family and on the same page.

Train to live, perform and think better functional, flexible, longevity based fitness

Limit/minimize distractions and negativity 

Whenever possible try to STFU!

Read and listen more 

Meditate daily, even if it's just 5 mins

Have sex at least 2x per week.

Say NO to anything that does not contribute to achieving the above goals!

Good luck and let's have a kick ass 2019!

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