Don't Look Back. You're Not Going That Way

Feels like it's been a very long week tacked on to the end of a very long year...

Had a birthday. My kids have been away. My kids are now home.

I've had tons of energy and also been extremely tired.

Hanukah, Christmas, end of year renewals at work, looking back on goals and plans I made, making goals and plans for next year, gift giving, card writing, stressing, relaxing...It's all there at the end of the year.

Strange times we're in for sure.

Do you take stock of your year?

Do you look back?

Even though we're not going that way, I still think it's important to reflect, be accountable and use the past to help us improve for the future.

Here's what I wrote down on 1/1/2020 - This has lived at the top of my Evernote for the entire year.

  1. Meditate, Practice gratitude, breathe

  2. Do the hard things first.

  3. Revisit your endgame/goals daily

  4. Don’t fuck with things that don’t move the needle

  5. Be Intentional

  6. Exercise

  7. Ask questions: How can I serve you? Who do you know that can help me?

I am forced to look at it every day when I open the app and start my day.

Have I done these 7 things every day for the entire year? Hell no.

But...I've done my best and I find myself revisiting this list often when I feel "Off" and it helps pull me back on track.

Here's what's listed right underneath it. My goals for the year.

  • Write 200k + NB revenue/retain 90+% current clients thru:

  • Grow my book of business by 20%

  • Stay in Presidents Club

  • Systematically grow The Midlife Male:

  • Produce two 15 episode seasons of Podcasts

  • Publish weekly Newsletter

  • Use brand to develop business/networking opportunities

  • Pay off all debt (cc's, cars)

  • Focus on QUALITY clients/relationships over quantity

  • Pre-Pay All Taxes

  • Stay on monthly budget!

  • Plan trips for weekends and year

  • Value experiences over things!

  • Develop a uniform! Streamline wardrobe to reduce shopping / anxiety

  • Upgrade Furniture - Dining Table, Master Bedroom, Patio, Garage Gym (This was a "covid" late entry and YES I realize I also set a goal of experiences over things)

  • Have Quarterly “goals” meeting with boys and Kate to help figure out our priorities and what’s important - camp, sports, education, travel, money... so that we can be better as a family

  • Train to live, perform and think better - Movement, Yoga, Boxing, XPT, D10, Recovery

  • Practice functional, flexible, longevity based fitness surrounded by like minded people

  • Limit/minimize distractions and negativity

  • Read and listen more

  • Choose Day over night

  • Get the band back together and play a gig

  • Meditate daily

  • Have sex 2-3x per week

  • Say NO to anything that does not contribute to achieving the above goals!

Maybe this seems like a lot.

Perhaps it doesn't seem like much.

Doesn't matter. It's mine.

Did I accomplish everything on it? Not quite.

Did I blow some area's out of the water? Yes.

Did I miss the mark on others? Yup.

Is it personal to actually put it all out there. Sure.

By putting it out there it actually relieves a ton of pressure because it becomes pretty obvious why I do what I do, what I'm doing it for and eliminates any excuses or need for explanations.

I haven't made 2021's list yet.

I plan to do that while sitting on the beach in Cabo celebrating the end of 2020 and my anniversary with Kate (And no kids with us!).

You'll see it when I'm done.

Until then, get started on your own.

Want help? Reach out.

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