Choosing Your Emotion

You choose your emotion. Your state of mind. Whether to let things go or hold on. To not hold grudges. To breathe...I blew it last week.

Held too much in. Didn’t let go. Let emotion and assumption have control and occupy space where there was no benefit. It was unproductive. In fact, it was counterproductive.

Yes, shit happens. Everyday there’s something...Client issues, missing my son who’s away, letting someone else’s opinion affect my mood, an argument over something silly with kate or failing to solve the fornite epidemic in my house, whatever...It sometimes feels like a constant barrage of action/reaction... But once I recommitted to letting go. To putting things behind me and changing my focus on what’s ahead, not behind and controlling only that which i was able to control; it was like flicking a switch...

Its easy to get distracted/derailed by the negative and all the shit that doesn’t’s truly hard to be mentally strong enough to continue to just forge ahead without regret, assumption or judgement.

I’m always a work in progress. Setbacks are inevitable. It ls a marathon, not a sprint. Just keep moving forward. One breath at a time.

Choose happiness. Choose clarity. Choose wisely.

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