10 Tips To Becoming A Better Man

Or 11 because I don't know how to edit....Yes, there's a lot more...Maybe, there's actually less, perhaps your list is completely different than this one (If you have one, please send it to me)...It's all good. If you're taking the steps to learn, embrace, encourage and grow then keep doing that regardless of what's on your list...We will all have setbacks along the way. We'll all invariably make mistakes, be too hard on ourselves and expect more. That's part of the process. Just get up, stay focused and keep going.

I spent two days in Dallas last week and recorded four new #MidlifeMale Podcasts. One thing I've learned is that getting a new show and newsletter out each week is really challenging and that in order to be successful, balance all the things I have going on (career, family, fitness, finances...), not procrastinate and dig myself into a hole by waiting until the last minute and to keep this thing moving forward and growing, I've got to get out ahead. So I pumped the brakes on the podcast and took a "summer hiatus", I set a schedule to record 15 episodes during various trips, deliver a "season" to my editor and finally figured out how to automate the newsletter so I can schedule these releases in advance so no matter where I am and what comes up in my life, there'll be a podcast up and a newsletter out...How did I figure this out? By making a lot of mistakes, by missing deadlines, having guests cancel, waking up at 5am Sunday morning to start writing and having NOTHING to say...I don't have it all figured out yet, but there's definitely progress and I'm also learning to focus more on the little victories like meeting new people, having amazing conversations, being introduced to new experiences and places rather than on who said "No", cancelled, or where I fucked up...

  1. Get an accountability partner. This can be an old friend, co-worker, trainer, the barista at your favorite Starbucks...Me even (Just message me, I'll be happy to push you) You be accountable to them and they to you. Set a weekly check in schedule. Be vigilant about sticking to it. Share you vision, goals and specific tasks/steps that you need to take during that week. Then, call each other out on each of them at every meeting or call. Sometimes, all it takes is a text!

  2. Subtract, Specify, Simplify. Do more with less focus. I've written about this before. It is not easy. We can't be balanced all the time. Often, we need to really focus on one thing or just a couple of things for periods of time so that we can accomplish our goals and not just be giving 20% to 5 different things but rather 100% to one thing and then move to the next. Seek balance over time. Athletes have a training season, competition season and an off-season...

  3. Minimum Effective Dose. I see people over working, over training, over stimulating, over talking, over everything....The hack is to find the minimum effective dose and then stop. Let it work from there. In sales, when you get the answer you're looking for, stop talking. You did it. You closed the deal. Shut up. The only thing that can happen now is you keep talking and you end up talking your way out of it...If 10 reps works to get the results you want, 20 isn't better.

  4. Everyone has a story. Let them tell it. Make a connection. Ask questions. Learn people's story. Everybody has one. When you can develop rapport, appreciation, support and patience for your fellow man you'll grow.

  5. Get help. Ask for help every opportunity you can. Can you connect me to this person? Do you know how to record this better? You look great, what are you doing? People are willing to share what they know and who they know. Just ask them, be humble and return the favor.

  6. Develop a growth mindset. The understanding that abilities and intelligence can be developed. Doesn't matter your age, current situation, position, financial status. You can shift your mindset and improve.

  7. Everyone has insecurities. The great one's fight thru them and overcome. That guy you think "has it all" is worrying about something too. He may look ripped and successful but what you don't know is that he still sees himself as the "fat kid" from school before he lost 100lbs and regained his health. Challenge yourself to not allow your insecurities to hold you back. Confidence is a muscle that needs to be developed.

  8. Energy. To be successful, happy, consistent and focused takes a lot of energy. Life is draining. Get yourself on a fitness, nutrition and recovery program that will energize you. If you're draining your tank daily, you have to have a plan to fill it back up as well.

  9. Listen. One of the guys I interviewed last week said "If you're talking more than 10% of the time during this, then you're doing it wrong". One of the tools I'm really trying to develop thru this process is the art of listening. Asking a good question and then really listening and learning. Reduce your talking and increase your listening.

  10. Ok, next....Every rejection is a redirection. Don't take it personally. Don't want to come on the podcast, "ok, next"...Don't want to buy insurance from me, "ok, next"...Move on. For every "No" there's someone out there who wants to work with you, connect with you, talk to you. Rather than worry about the "No's", go find the "Yes".

  11. Write it down. When you write things down, they get clear. As someone who struggles with lots of ideas, thoughts, delusions of grandeur, fears, what to do when and in what order...writing shit down really helps. Just start writing, all of it, in no particular order...Then, look at it, circle, highlight, edit and road map it from there.

If you have any questions, want to exchange ideas, enjoy the blog, newsletter and podcast, reach out, leave a positive review, share it, subscribe to the podcast, follow me on IG I really appreciate it.

Thanks, G

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